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  1. Is it just me, or did Tom Sloper literally just spam this thread for no reason? I can only feel a bit confused as to why he posted nothing...twice. "Do something!" "Yea...that's what I'm trying to do. What "something" are you suggesting?" "I have no idea, I'm not a marketer. But do something!" Is there a way to ignore a user permanently, so you never have to read their spam ever again? I already reported it for spam chatter, but I can't find the ignore option.
  2. I would like anyone and everyone's input, in what 0-3 character races they'd like to play as the most, for each of the 8 Biome.   Obviously, the details in what the race's abilities or features is not present. This is more a general idea of what sounds appealing to you. When in doubt, use your imagination, and include that imagination if you want to explain why you think [Race] sounds cool, or what would make it uncool.   Creating the world, I have formed 8 biomes/regions. There are 8 factions/races in each biome. While each have an area they call home, the inhabitants are commonly scattered throughout the region, and bleed into the regions nearby.   Mind you, the names for the regions are just placeholders. It is quite difficult for me to simply come up with good names for so much content. Some regions, such as The North, are not fully developed as placing factions in this region is a bit more difficult due to the harsh environments. To give you an idea of the world, here are the biomes. Also, some of the races do not have names, and are referred as "Cat People" or "Ape People". These types, among nearly all others, are most similar to what is found in fantasy rpg's. They look primarily like the animal, but are biped humanoids.   Giants, Dragons, and other monstrously sized character races are to scale. So a Dragon will look like this, compared to a human:   [attachment=18296:Decided Against Minecraft.png] This is an imagine when I was seeing how a "Minecraft" style changable world would work for the game. I decided against it, in favor of world building that is more about creating structures, instead of terraforming dirt.     ------------------------ "The North" - Tundra, Ice, and Taiga (Tundra-like Forests). Within this barren iceland, exist the Barbarians, Drakes (Dragon-like humanoids with wings), Bear people, Ice Elementals, Ice Giants, Yeti-like beasts, underwater creatures who thrive in the cold icy waters, and the Ghosts/Wraiths (think, LOTR RingWraiths or LOTR Army of the Dead.)   Barbarians, Drakes, Bear Humanoid, Ice Elemental, Ice Giant, Vicious Yeti, Wraith. ------------------------   "The Iron Kingdom", a Mountain Biome- Separated from the Northern Tundra by large mountains, this environment is cold, but tolerable. From deep snow in the northern parts, to a warmer (less cold) climate below. (Think Winterfell region from AGoT- Snowy, but can be lush green in the summer). Within the mountains lie the Rock Giants, Earth Elementals, Dragons, and Dwarves. In the more forested mountains live the Trolls and High Elves. ANd at the base of the mountains, are the Wizard-like Human Faction known as "The Academy", who have also created The Forged. (Warforge, basically.)   Rock Giant, Earth Elemental, Dragon, Dwarf, Troll, High Elf, Human (Magical), Forged.   ------------------------ "The Hills", a region to the southeast of the mountains, towards the center of the continent. Thriving farmland, gentle grassland, and plenty of lush green hills. This biome has a very comfortable climate. Inspired by my favorite video game zone of all time, Qeynos Hills from Everquest and the Rivervale area, this recognizable region is home to the Halflings, contrary to the Goblins who live nearby in the plains section of the hils. A large, comfort-loving city of Humans and Half Elves resides at the edge of the hills, contrary to the hefty Gnoll population that resides in the forested section of hills. Undead Scarecrows (Everquest style, pumpkin head) are scattered throughout the luxurious farmlands outside the human city. In the heavier forested area that borders the Forest biome, lie the Fox people. In the area that borders the Plains biome, lie the large Ogres.   Halfling, Goblin, Scarecrow, Gnoll, Human, Half Elf, Fox Humanoid, Ogre.   ------------------------ "The Forest", a region to the east of the Hills biome. A mix of Taiga and forested mountains in the north, hills to the west, and desert to the deep south, this is a massive region of forests, caves, lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. The Human faction of Druids resides in the forest near the hills. Wood Elves, Faeries, Werewolves, Satyrs, Animal Shapeshifters, and Treants live in and guard the forest. Underground, live the forest Gnomes who tinker away and harvest magical mushrooms in their underground city.   Wood Elf, Faerie, Werewolf, Satyr, Shapeshifter, Treant, Gnome, Human (Druidic).   ------------------------ "The Plains", a mostly flat biome, and the least developed geographically. The Church human faction resides here, composing of Paladins, Clerics, and Holy Magic types, Knights & Crusaders. Alongside them, are the Angels and Frogloks. Spread throughout the plains, live Orcs, Centaurs, Skeletons, Zombies, and Cat people.   Human (Holy Types), Angel, Froglok, Orc, Centaur, Skeleton, Zombie, Cat Humanoid   ------------------------ "Trader's Paradise", a desert biome, with a central paradise. The largest city in the world, this coastal location is perfect for Trade. The city is an oasis in the desert, and a home to the human Pirate faction, secretive Vampires who thrive on the wealthy populous (vicious, magical, think Dracula- not twilight), the Dark Elves whose cruel streak and high intelligence make for excellent Traders of all sorts of goods/services, the Bird people (think Shining Force, Shadowbane) who thrive in the city thanks to their flight and great endurance, and in the city's underground sewers- the largest nest-city of backstabbing Ratling hordes. Outside the Trader's Paradise, is the great underwater city of the Merfolk. In the harsh deserts, reside Air Elementals, and Air Giants (Genies).   Dark Elf, Vampirem, Human (Pirate), Ratling, Merfolk, Air Elemental, Air Giant, Bird Humanoid   ------------------------ "The Jungle", a jungle and marsh biome, in the hot southern parts of the continent. A tribal human faction, almost alien-like in appearance, live in the Jungle, beside Cyclops, Ancient Golems, Plant people, Ape people (think planet of the apes), hives of Insectoids (think sci-fi mantis, maybe centaurlike), and the Lizardmen and Naga who inhabit the marshes.   Cyclops, Golems, Plant Humanoid, Ape Humanoid, Insectoid, Lizardman, Naga, Human (Tribal/Cannibal/Alien)   ------------------------ "The Hellfire", a biome of fire, lava, and burnt ash. In the mountains surrounding The Hellfire, reside many caves, dungeons, and underground labyrinths which home the Minotaurs. Fire Giants, Fire Elementals, Demons (think Ultima Online large, vicious demons), and Imps (think tiny little red goblins) live in areas where few would be able to survive. Gargoyles make their home in the mountains, opposite the lava. A city of madness lies within this hell-like region, where a manic human faction works out its insanity, alongside the Demon's creations: ogre-like Abominations (think, Warcraft abomination, or Large Zombie).   Minotaur, Demon, Imp, Fire Giant, Fire Elemental, Human (Maniac Cultist), Abomination, Gargoyle.   ------------------------------------------------------------------   Currently, I need to decide what the first set of races will be, along with the second and third set. By this, I mean, I need to prioritize the first 3 races for each biome. First 8, second 8, third 8, for a ending total of 8, 16, and a final 24. Each Human faction is its own race in design terms, so I want to avoid having "All Humans" as my first 8. Humans will definitely be involved- probably multiple at first, but there are other (more interesting) choices.     What type of character would you be interested in? And if you could choose, what 0-3 for each biome would you want to see in a video game? If in doubt of any character type, just use your imagination, or explain yourself (for ex. "If it was [this type of insectoid] then no. But if it was [this type] and they had [this ability] then HELL YES!"
  3.   1. Don't despair! (It's odd that you would start this statement with "alas" instead of, say, "at last") 2. Then get player input. Do what's necessary in order to get it.   1. I'll correct that. Must have been a brain fart. 2. Do what's necessary? And what is that? This is part of the problem. How does one generate buzz about one's game, besides posting on this forum? Why have a website or a forum, if the visibility is null? I guess I should figure out who my target audience is? I could make a presence in forums, but that is a lot of work to get visibility without cheesy spamming "hey, check out this game! :D"
  4. Interesting disparity between the two pieces of advice.   My biggest concern with the advice of making the website to build the community- is advertisement. Not meaning paid advertisement, but visibility, or "Presence" online.   Even if I were to have a website, or even a glorious website that oo'd and aww'd those who visited. Who would visit? From where?   Granted, I could go to certain forums to... promote the game? Most likely by a non-invasive, attractive signature or banner, among normal posting on completely different topics.   However, I can see the kind of involvement I am seeking being a bit unusual for a small group of early fans of a game so far off in finishing development, that they would not stick around for long. Why would they? There's nothing to do but talk about the game. A game that is barely more than a prototype on the PC, even if thorough in its design.   Hmm... maybe I should hire someone to design a website. It might be worth it, just so I don't have to pause development. Or perhaps a really simple website from one of those cheesy pre-built systems, so I can make a cheesy site in a day, and focus mostly on the forum.   I am not very fluent in social media either. Is there a way for a developer to make one post, and have it echo (repost) through multiple social media sites? I'd prefer to make a single status update, and have it go live on Facebook, Twitter, the site's Blog, and whatever else is hip social media these days.
  5. At last, production has finally began on my large, but manageable project. Inspired by many MUD's and Roguelikes, along with some of the heftier RPG's, I have been designing a game which focuses on a plethora of player choices for character types. Like many MUDs and Roguelikes before it, there will be a vast number of choices for playable races. In fact, any "monster" that is in the game, is playable. I figure that if data exists for the game's creatures, why not make them playable?     I am reaching the point in design, where I would like player input, so that the fans of the game can help shape the world. Unfortunately, there is no community. This is a closed game, and although I have the domain name- I do not have any of the website setup. Granted, I do not need to form the community so early in the process. However, I do need to design the world and its inhabits- to great detail- before moving on with the project. What should I do?   Should I pause development of the game, to build the website, list the planned features, start a forum, and work on the site's artwork? For programming, there is little to show but prototypes of various features. For graphics, I have prototypes- but they are not polished. Of course, right now the game is simply text based like a MUD. I am a bit concerned to show artwork on the website, as it may not be polished. Some characters are next to finished, while others are not even designed yet. And obviously, I do not have plans to release the game or open up Alpha/Beta with any more than a handful of character races. It is unrealistic to expect myself to accomplish so much content (64 factions/races) in release. I plan on a much, much smaller number initially. Such as just the humans.   However, this game has been in total development of game design since December 2009, even if programming has only begun 6 months once, and art 2 years ago. So I have an enormous amount of design and information about the game I could write up for the website. Since I do not know what to do... I am going to post a little bit of the information that is necessary to begin gathering input on the aspects of world design I would like input on. It pains me to think that those who will be fans of the game in the future, will not get the chance to get input at such an early stage in development.   This MUD/Roguelike is inspired by games like Ultima Online, Everquest, Dark Age of Camelot, nearly all RogueLikes, and the design of generic MUDs (but no MUD in particular. However, I view UO and EQ as graphical MUDs). I mention the MMO's, because what I want more than anything is for this game to bring back that *magic* those games had. Meaningful travel and exploration (Everquest), a nice medieval style (Camelot, Everquest), and in the future Ultima's 2D isometric art style- but with Roguelike permadeath (and influence from the roguelike Realm of the Mad God's unlock character gameplay that I found so fun), with some cooperative multiplayer like seen in a MUD.   --------------------- Edit: Cleaned up the thread, and split the other question in its own thread.
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