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  1. It doesn't matter if a patent becomes invalid due to a technicality in the UK, first off you typically apply for a patent in many countries not just 1 when it's important, there are companies to help you make sure your patent is valid over most of the world, second even if somehow it "became void" they could always re apply for the patent and have plenty of proof of first use/discovery, it would even be BENEFICIAL to them as the new patent would expire later. This is really a non issue.
  2. Dear future customers, look at how we threaten current customers (now this ought to get us MOAR customers for sure?!!!)
  3. No you'll need neither, you can connect to the server by IP and you don't need "pages" what you need is some form of web service just handling those requests.
  4. I don't think it ever reverses, it's just that when a game takes 100s of man years to make it becomes somewhat impractical to have a single person assigned to it and ask him to be done within the next 200-300 years, so at some point you have to admit you need that ineffciency to do large things and the complexity and it's management become a real project within the project.
  5. Take a big big sheet of paper, painter style, on the left write start, on the right write your goal, and try to figure out the bare minimum to go from start to your goal (will likely branch and merge back), then follow that to the letter without constantly changing technologies on a whim, you're better of sticking with something subpar than switching to something better as long as the former "will do" for your goal even if it's not optimal, you'll learn more that way and what you've learnt will help you make other décisions for future projects. Do try to solve EVERYTHING (to maximise your own potential) but also DO STOP trying to solve something after a reasonable amount of time was spentn reasonable time depending on the task, if you're stuck on a bug, look for a couple hours, if nothing comes up, ask for help, if instead we're talking about designing a large system, give it a few days alone before asking for help.   Release something, no matter how shitty it is, as early as possible, and once that's done keep a "my project must be releasable at a no worse state at any given time", sticking to this will help you avoid technical debt pretty naturally as you won't put down bugs for later while working on the next cool feature.
  6. Outside of sonic but as something that could've been a "new kind of sonic" and was made by the same team i really liked "Nights into Dreams" on the saturn
  7. What would be pretty fun is if he built a tiny 1M by 1M wall 10cm thick made of brick at the frontier and said "there, campaign promess done, let's move on".
  8. cows are easy to fix anyway, just plug their butt *    *(may cause mild to moderate symptoms in cows such as well, sudden death)
  9. Wouldn't it be fun if he had it built from the outside by mexican companies as a cost saving measure? ><
  10. My bet is he will shoot mexicans going both ways and end up building a free wall made of corpses, doesn't sound THAT far fetched from him><.   But seriously no clue if he'll do it, i'm sure he's not stupid enough to go with pressing mexico into paying as that made no sense but i can see the wall being built or the idea just droped, neither of which would be shocking in the context of his election. I just doubt he'd go as far as building a really tall really wide wall all over the border, maybe something more realistic like a wall in hard to defend area and layered fences elsewhere with motion detectors or something similar.
  11. Sim city, SNES
  12. I'd assume Might and Magic
  13. A few thouthand lines, give or take a few tens of thouthand lines generated by entity Framework ><
  14. Small but annoying bug : pretty much every time you try to evolve the green healer dragon to lv 50 the game crashes (only happens with this dragon). Re launching the game and evolving it from the stat screen before entering an area works just fine.
  15. Bought both the egg and the starter package earlier :)   Btw as someone who tends to pay for freemium games, you 100% should remove adds for paying customers (either as a small IAP or simply remove it for anyone who purchased anything). It's a big annoyance that is easily discarded in a free game but really ticks people once they pay (most freemiums do that, soon as you pay, no more adds).   Other than that really nice game so far (but haven't gotten very far as i noticed the timer on the starter package only moved while logged on so didn't want to play too much before it was purchaseable!)