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  1. A online drawing site for multyple clients?

    This site is pretty cool
  2. Basic Pong code review request

    ... if you had color and things. LOL.  What i mean by reordering is that the ball would be under the pucks and inf the score was at top left and right, the pucks would be under them. Now that I took a good look at your screen shot I guess these improvements would not have an effect. Anyway maybe for you next project just remember last drawn will be the most visible and first drawn with be less. So, "the first shall be last".   -CROW 
  3. Basic Pong code review request

    window.clear(); window.draw(ball); window.draw(player); window.draw(enemy); window.draw(plScoreTxt); window.draw(enScoreTxt); window.display();   Good job. game looks sound. The above reorder of objects might look better.  
  4. i want to make a prototype game

    Don't know what engine this uses. A link would be nice.  If I have to google it then I feel obligated to charge you for services.   J/K.     I'm with LennyLen on this one.  Just a weird post. good luck.     -CROW
  5. My struggles need some insight!

    [Disclaimer: I don't have any experience making anything like an RPG game.] either!   I think the player should know where his is at all times. (what map, objects near by, position). For Maps sectors  in the system to know where the player is, I would register/unregistered the player to that sector as he comes in  that sector or moves out of that sector. This way your collusion code could navigate the system by sector and take a peek at the registered players count and spin off more threads on the collision routine in that sector if the count is higher.    Just my drunk thoughts.   -CROW 
  6. PUTT Updates and Finals Thread

    aspirer, Thanks for playing my game. I have alot of ideas for powerups but ran out of time. I was thinking of having the puck be able to catch balls into a quiver and releasing balls at will to confuse your opponent. It was fun anyway. Im going to look for more contests and see what else I can come up with. Maybe we can team up on something together. -Crow
  7. PUTT Updates and Finals Thread

    Where is the feedback from the Judges? Anyone?
  8. PUTT Updates and Finals Thread

      Hmmmm. none of the power ups are working.  I just see 2 pucks a ball and a box that rotates but never does anything when you hit the box with the ball. looks good though. smooth graphics although the puck moves a little slow and makes it hard to catch up to the ball after 10 hits or so; like you said, "a known bug".  I hope you continue to work on it. -CROW
  9. Pong Game Contest

    This is the first contest I tried on
  10. PUTT Updates and Finals Thread

    Had to fix a crasher bug. Its late but here it is 
  11. PUTT Updates and Finals Thread

    Start menu  Added. That's it;  Out of time. Thanks,  CROW
  12. PUTT Updates and Finals Thread

    Here is what I have so far.  Needs lots of work. Only 4 hours left "o NO!" Should work on windows with .net 3.5 and managed dirextx 1.0.2902.0.     
  13. PUTT Updates and Finals Thread

    I want to post my game tomorrow but I want to know if this meets the time requirement: if a players brick gets hit behinde them they get frozzen for a time penelty and cant move which give the other player time to kick ass at breakout. What do you think?
  14. PUTT Updates and Finals Thread

    Here is my first pass: Each player has to use their puck to save the bricks behind them from getting taken out by the ball or some other power up from their opponent.  First player to lose all their bricks losses the round.  
  15. Power Up Table Tennis Contest

    This looks like something I can handle. Are we restricted to just two paddles hitting back and forth or can we do some breakout bricks?