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  1. Creating A Halloween Environment

    Looks great!!! Keep at it man, hope it turns out well!
  2. Close to the finish line...

    Looks AMAZING
  3. Starting out with JavaScript

    I started out with Javascript (and Python), and after about a month or so I decided to move on as well, as I felt C++ would be more applicable to me if I decided to become a game designer or software programmer. I started out with online tutorials at learncpp.com, cplusplus.com, tutorialspoint.com, and cprogramming.com. They are all very beginner friendly, and contain little code snippets to help you get started. I found learncpp.com to be the best for explaining things well, especially in beginner terms, and cplusplus.com is probably the best if you just need a referential point that sounds official.    Beyond this, I would recommend downloading Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013 or CodeBlocks, if you haven't already. 
  4. Needing help on how to "re-begin" on C++

    I can personally recommend several sites: learncpp.com(very beginner-friendly, with extremely good explanations), cplusplus.com(has loads of information on many aspects of programming), and cprogramming.com, which despite it's name, has many tutorials on C++ as well. Some good books are Beginning C++ Through Game Programming 3rd Edition, if you are looking to start over from the very basics, as well as C++ Primer.    The most important thing to do is just learn something and get started on a project, as you will learn far more from actually doing something than you will ever learn than simply by reading from a book. Good luck!
  5. Asking for advice to start Game Development

    I think it would be a good decision to start with a 2D game development library that supports C++. Several examples that pop into mind are SDL and SFML. If you are willing to entirely skip 2D game development, which I do NOT recommend(so many new things to learn, and you might not even know the basics of 2D game programming, so 3D game programming would just be a painful experience for you), you can use OpenGL.
  6. Best way to get started

    I can personally recommend Unity - although I may be a bit biased due to the fact that it is the only "real" game engine that I've used. It has an easy to learn interface, which only took me a day to get the hang of. It is very easy to use, and has many online tutorials, scripts, and animations that you can use. It is very good for beginners as well as more advanced programmers and game developers.
  7. Breaking Out of Breakout

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