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  1. Pixels?

    https://www.gamedev.net/blogs/blog/2223-gamedevnet-staff-blog/ Scroll down a bit to see a section explaining them. Edit: Also see https://www.gamedev.net/blogs/entry/2263292-upcoming-site-reputation-re-index/
  2. Rotation in a sphere

    (Disclaimer: just woke up) Looks like what you want is the tangent of the circle at the point where the player is. This should be just orthogonal to the gravity vector you already have.
  3. Input on Adult Content

    Have you considered sexualities other than heterosexuality?
  4. Why A.I is impossible

    Just asking, are you trolling this forum? EDIT: You seem to be using a proper name & profile picture, however the profile picture does not belong to anyone of that name, rather it belongs to someone holding a Ph.D. in engineering, who does not seem to have any record of being particularly interested in spiritualistic stuff. That plus the fact that it's such a fresh account here makes me wonder, given the 'trollishness' of your posts (claiming stuff without any actual proof, even when you claim to prove stuff).
  5. i need learn more about the Game Loop

    Probably because they feel they need 50 (or more) pages to describe what they're talking about in the best way.
  6. Length of acts

    The only thing I can think of is walkthrough videos on YouTube. Potentially speedruns, but they might be a bit too extreme. With the videos, you can either speed them up or just skip along to find where the act starts, and look at the time.
  7. I don't understand the question. Can you try explaining the problem with more detail?
  8. FreeType example

    This probably needs to be a a string.
  9. i need learn more about the Game Loop

    Just to clarify, you do not need to use a multithreaded setup to make multiple enemies move over time. Or to loop over enemies and also loop over spinning traps. For a beginner, I would recommend focusing on singlethreaded setups, not multithreaded. Multithreading when it comes to a game loop is more an optimization -- you can do the same stuff as in a singlethread setup, but potentially quicker.
  10. Just grab the latest version of Unity. There's no reason to start with older versions. You can have both Unity and GameMaker at the same time.
  11. Download Unity, Unreal or GameMaker. GameMaker is really only relevant if you're making 2D games, I believe, while both Unity and Unreal will work for either 2D or 3D games. Check out some of the official tutorials. See what you like best, or what works for you on your PC. Once you've got a bit of experience with the various engines, you'll know a lot more about what direction to go next.
  12. Just to follow-up, today I had a roughly 20 second long delay on reporting a post. Unless this was just an isolated case, whatever it is seems to be getting a lot worse.
  13. Hi new here :)

    People all over the world celebrate Christmas on different dates, with different traditions: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christmas_traditions
  14. Speed Division Problem, Help Please.

    With position p and velocity v being vectors, this is just simple vector math. I would recommend reading up on vectors and vector math if this is unknown territory for you currently. If timestep is a float, v * timestep is just a scalar multiplcation of the vector -- scaling all components of the vector by the same amount. v * timestep is the same as "delta offset this timestep" (and the result of this is a vector). This resultant vector can then be added onto p to change the position.
  15. Sounds eerily like the Sunk Cost fallacy at work.
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