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  1. Build your own multiplayer backend?

    I did hear about Smartfox server from a friend ut nothing conclusive. A quick tour of their site gives a lot of information but doesn't answer this specific question. I am now curious myself. if there was such an API available at an affordable price (not sure how one can develop it) it would make my life much easier.
  2. Build your own multiplayer backend?

      Common question.....but I will try to answer ...... Most developers (myself and posse included) are better at developing the game. Be it using Unity or something else. We are not good at the backend side of things......and know that creating our own backend will be expensive ..... so I think we will go with a service provider once we are done developing the game. Who do we go with is unknown at this point - comes to mind but not sure if they will just provide the leadeboard functionaloty or make it real deal multiplayer coz that's the real deal...My 2 cents but others may know better. me a noob.   I don't know if I agree with gotgeek here. building your own backend is certainly tough but doable....besides I don't think there are any companies that will make your game multiplayer easily enough (or without taking most of the money away). It's not like someone has an easy to use API that will allow me to do that.