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  1. So i was looking at the SDL source code and my mind was blown. How long would it ever take a newb to be able write that type of code???
  2. aspringgamer34333

    How do you 'learn' a programming language?

    i haven't actually coded a single game yet or a single applicatin yet...   i've been reading as many books as possible on c++ and watching a crap load of video, algorithms by robert sedgeiwck on coursea.org. Now I know how to implement merge and quick sort and binary tables.  I'm working on red-black trees now.     I'm trying to get recursion 100% down. I understand tree traversal with recursion to a certain extent. IT's still a challenge though. Working through Stanford c++ YOUTUBE - cs106b. I'm stuck on recursive backtracking. Trying to figure out how that all works.    what else can i learn? i already read (skimmed) Head first design patterns.     so far i guess i have a rudimentary knowledge of c++, java, and javascript.  Any suggestions on what I should do next? I think i need to start realy learning STL with Boost. 
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