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  1. This place is crap

    Delete it, lock it, or cry to your boyfriend. Doesn't matter to me. I'm out.
  2. Join Me (anyone)

    Hello. I'm currently working on a creative project which I can tell you more about if you want to join. [Recruiting information redacted by moderator]
  3. I see what you said about being a programmer. I can work with you. I think we could make something good.
  4. I got all the creative stuff covered. I just need assistance now and then with making this engine work properly.
  5. How to avoid Burnout/Find Support

    Physical exercise. Energy exertion. Take a sabbatical. Revitalize. Renew your mind. Make it feel new and exciting again.
  6. How Does One Learn C++ ?

    It's like digging a hole. Or going to a buffet. Just dig in.
  7. Introducing Self

    Hello. On the net, I go by Blink, A.K.A Wize1.   Started playing video games about the age of 7. Started with Sega. Went onto n64. Then Playstation, playstation 2, xbox 360. Became a hardcore PC enthusiast at age 18. I'm 26 now.   I really like games. Particularly RPG, MMO, and Adventure games. I recently peeked my head into the door of game development and I think it's quite intriguing. I never completed high school and of course never went onto college, so I have no academic knowledge that would enable me to develop a game. For example, I didn't study music, or graphic design, or computer science.   Still though, I've been spending ALOT of time studying game development.   Anyways, looking for some friends to chat with about game design. I use steam, skype, discord, and email. Please feel free to message me on here if you would like to discuss.
  8. Have you considered neither? Personally I suggest neither.