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  1. Thanks Frob for your much appreciated feedback and insight.    Open Source games it is.   Cheers
  2. Thanks Frob for the reply. (received no notification to say a reply was received!)   The game content is only a portion of the site as the business strategy focusses on several other avenues outside of the game arena.    Yes, I think open source games will work but where I'm having difficulty is finding out the true licensing agreements in place and what restrictions a third party website may face by using their games.    The difficulty we are having with Open Source games is they appear to be different to Freeware games and someone mentioned we should be focusing exclusively on Freeware games as opposed to Open Source   I am not interested in exclusivity - games in use by several other websites is not an issue. We simply want to provide good quality age appropriate game content that will form part of a website while we are in Beta to test the market response.    Any advice is appreciated.    thanks
  3. Hi,   I hope this is in the correct forum!   We are looking to source free games to upload on a new website we are developing for children. No revenue will be generated for the first 18 months to determine feedback etc.   Question: could anyone recommend a suitable source for Freeware games aimed at 4 - 10 year olds and how the licensing of such games actually works.    There are numerous websites claiming to offer Freeware games without any restrictions but once the game is activated the user is restricted to a short time before they have to register on one of the main game developer companies.    We are very limited on budget hence the need for freeware game content to being with and once the revenue is generated funds would be distributed accordingly.    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.    With kind regards,   Newbie13 
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