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  1. DELI PRODUCTION www.deliproduction.com Skype: Ditajobe Phone: +46723010768 E-Mail: Deliproduction@live.com E-Mail: Ditajobe@hotmail.com FB: www.facebook.com/ditajobe Hello,   I write this post, not to get feed backs but to get help since I only own a worthless computer at the moment and I cannot design 3D graphics. (Not my good part.)   Even so, we at Deli Production (DP) and I personally have own OT-Servers where I've been a part of "Brabexia" we altered sound system into Tibia, where I was at the time a simple "Hex" editer.   Anyways, enough about me. I have written this game idea, I know, it's not the best way to introduce a game.   Also, I have servers waiting to be up and running as soon as I'm done with this. http://bitcloud.se/ (Swedish server)   We plan too expand ourselves in time.   *** OBSERVE *** (THIS IS ONLY A FRAGMENT OF THE WHOLE GAME IDEA) ( DUE TOO VIOLENT/VULGAR GAME PLAYING, THE IDEA ITSELF WILL HAVE TOO BE DISCUSSED EVEN FURTHER, DUE TOO LAWS ) Pegi 18 Game.   -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Classes. Archers: can shoot from far distances and hit you, but you can always dodge the arrow because of your sixth sense, it takes time to get a steady aim, but when the archer have a steady aim, within the next 10seconds the archer have 75% easier to get steady aim repeatidly until the 10 seconds are over and no shoot have been given. Knight: Brutal fighters that moves with swiftness and their weapon always have a 10% More damage attack and though that, the knights foot swiftness raises with 10% for every 1RL-minute in combat. Sorcerer: Can make spells that takes time to forge, aim and cast, but though that, if a Sorcerers spell catches you, you will be in trouble, Sorcerers can also create teleport to certain places they’ve seen. Tank: Is a strong and dodgy character, while he can embrace his enemy to either fear him or try to kill him, tanks defense is 50% More than other classes but his attack is 30% Less than other classes. Medic: Can heal you, but medic cannot defend himself from anything, but medic can drug any creatures, use stench to make his enemy weaker such as anything else like that. The medic have 50% More perception, 40% Less stamina, 10% Less to cast anything he wants. Thief: Can steal/break-in anything in-game, he have a special ability of stunning his targeted creature and 40% More speed than the other classes, he also have 20% Less in defense. Tracker: He can track down anyone, anything and anywhere, you want, he can sense danger and have a 30% stronger sixth sense which means, he can sense attacks before they are casted, he also have 20% More dodge chance and 30% Less chance of critical hits on stronger opponent. Bear: Fist fighting. Uses everything around him against his enemies.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Character Attributes. Reborn: xxx reborn system will be added after XP/Stamina Level is decided at its hardest point to be reached. Frag: After player is reborn first time, player gains frag for killing the people of earlier era which leads to a sentence of jailtime for a xx time. Player hits 5HP/HIT. Hit: Character hits as Skill Point with 20% less damage or 20% more if critical damage. Capacity: The player will start with a 150Capacity, player gains 15 Capacity for each "Stamina Level" he/she makes. Skill bar: your skills are dependent on how many strikes you do and how many you hit or do not hit. Of course, your skills can decrease in this game, if you try to hunt when your hunting time is over or die. Type Level: In this game “Stamina” is your “Level”.  Quests bar: Will remind you of your quests, such as finding stuff, assassinating, scavenging, following and there’s more. Loot System: On creatures you can only find their skin, inner limbs and head. On human you loot everything that is on him, that you can see. Auto-Loot: You can choose that you will auto loot everything in settings. Sixth Sense: When person locks you in for a while, your screen gets a red-light that indicates that some ones intention is to hurt you, if yellow then the person only is watching you from afar and having a lock-in on you but not casting anything. Mining: You can mine in certain caves, stones and on mountains which will not be shown anywhere or be a quest. Cutting: You are able to cut trees anywhere, but if creature is standing on tree you have to get rid of creature to cut it down. Dig: You can dig 118,1 Inches into ground and 300CM into ground, no root in-game will be bigger than that. Forging: Forge sets/armor or weapons, etc. stronghold, strong walls/doors. War: If two kingdoms/villages declares war, it will be shown to everyone where the war is taken, therefor, before going into war, you should be able to defend your kingdom while there’s many other kingdoms ready to take over. Climbing: Player can climb on houses, mountains, horses. Cleaning: Cleaning is important, other players can put things onto you while you are playing or sleeping, you have to be clean at all time. Toilet: Player have to go on toilet every real life 24hours or player will decreas in speed by 25% after 48 hours player character shits himself, drags attention by creatures and players around him. (As far as he can see ingame.), (Creatures will auto attack him, creatures stronger than player), (NPC's won't communicate with player and DMC's will avoid player). Creature: If creature is near offline player and player logs on, creature will leave the player and run away with a 300% more of speed. Attachments: You can attach items to animals, items to items, animals to animals. Of course the creature will provide you kids or two if attached. Climbing: Players are able to climb walls, mountains like in assassin creed. City walls cannot be climbed. (Not from outside) Swimming: Players should be able to swim but not upside waterfalls. Attention box: Attention box shows player what happens in the world around him, as player knows who owns what and what is happening. Danger/locked-in: When player is in danger or locked-in, if player finds player/creature attacking/locking-in on him in time, player may recieve information of target if lock-in in time. Swiming: Player cannot swim on waterfalls, if player swims down with a water fall, player loses stamina and HP. Water Diving: Player can dive under water and character can hold breath for 1.5 Minute. Player movements decreases 50% under water. Water: If you stand on water, you can clean yourself.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ XP BARS      EXPS/EXP FOR  EXP   FOR   EXP   FOR   EXP   FOR    EXP   FOR    EXP   FOR    EXP  FOR/EXP  FOR  EXP  FOR  EXP  FOR  EXP  FOR  EXP  FOR  EXP  FOR  EXP  FOR  EXP   FOR        EXP  FOR Stamina Level: 0/ 100 * 2 = 200 * 2.1 = 420 * 2.1 = 882 * 2.1 = 1852 * 2.1 = 3889 * 2.1 = 8168 * 2 = x * 1.9 = x * 1.8 = x * 1.7 = x * 1.6 = x * 1.5 = x * 1.4 = x * 1.3 = x * >1.2< Repeat x * 1.2 forever.   Skills Bar.   HITS/HIT  FOR  HIT  FOR  HIT  FOR Every Skill is made for a special Class some aren't, Shielding is for everyone, but if wrong class uses that, disadvantage. Magic: 0> 20 * 1.1 = x * 1.1 = x * 1.1 < On going forever. Wand Fight: 0> 20 * 1.1 = x * 1.1 = x * 1.1 < On going forever. Melee: 0> 20 * 1.1 = x * 1.1 = x * 1.1 < On going forever. Long-Sword: 0> 20 * 1.1 = x * 1.1 = x * 1.1 < On going forever. Sword Fight: 0> 20 * 1.1 = x * 1.1 = x * 1.1 < On going forever. Mace Fight: 0> 20 * 1.1 = x * 1.1 = x * 1.1 < On going forever. Axe Fight: 0> 20 * 1.1 = x * 1.1 = x * 1.1 < On going forever. Crossbow: 0> 20 * 1.1 = x * 1.1 = x * 1.1 < On going forever. Bow: 0> 20 * 1.1 = x * 1.1 = x * 1.1 < On going forever. Fishing: 0> 20 * 1.1 = x * 1.1 = x * 1.1 < On going forever. Shielding: 0> 20 * 1.1 = x * 1.1 = x * 1.1 < On going forever. Spear Fight: 0> 20 * 1.1 = x * 1.1 = x * 1.1 < On going forever. Cooking: 0> 20 * 1.1 = x * 1.1 = x * 1.1 < On going forever. Farming: 0> 20 * 1.1 = x * 1.1 = x * 1.1 < On going forever. Cutting: 0> 20 * 1.1 = x * 1.1 = x * 1.1 < On going forever. Mining: 0> 20 * 1.1 = x * 1.1 = x * 1.1 < On going forever. Forging: 0> 20 * 1.1 = x * 1.1 = x * 1.1 < On going forever. Digging: 0> 20 * 1.1 = x * 1.1 = x * 1.1 < On going forever. Speed: 0> 40 * 1.1 = x * 1.1 = x * 1.1 < On going forever. STEPS MAKING CREATING *********************************************************************************************************************************************************** Starts with 150 Stamina and 150 Capacity. *********************************************************************************************************************************************************** I call this system "STAC" Stamina trained according too Capacity. *********************************************************************************************************************************************************** It differs between classess as an class can have more Capacity therefore the Stamina Level follows according to Capacity. *********************************************************************************************************************************************************** Everytime anybody gets a skill point no matter what, the Stamina and Capacity will grow with that point which means, whenever you use your skills it depends on how skilled your "Character" is, having heavier weapons gains slower fight but deadlier attacks, to control such, the player have to always think about having enough capacity left over for launching attacks, if capacity is at "0" Due to heavy stuff in the backpack, player won't be able to fight and will move slowly, the lighter you are the swifter you are. *********************************************************************************************************************************************************** As in, if you have 67 in cooking skills and 0 in everything else, the capacity and stamina will be at 217. *********************************************************************************************************************************************************** If player chooses "Tank" they will use diffirent kind of STAC as for everything doubles with x2 because the tanks armours will be thick and heavier than the other classess, ofcourse a tank may choose all kind of clothes, but it will not benefit him/her in fights. *********************************************************************************************************************************************************** STAC, DMC, TWV, IVR, WIG, MOB. Stamina Trained Accordin too Capacity. Destination Management Creature / Destructive Mob Creature. Text With Voice. Ingame Voice Recognition. Website In Game. Mainly Organized Boss. These will be the most revolutionary names in MMORPG/STRATEGY ever heard. *********************************************************************************************************************************************************** HP/AURA Starting HP 100. (You gain 2HP for each advance at "Quests, Skills, Items bought, Horse, Clothings on.") Starting AURA 20. (Only for Sorcerer.) "1 Aura for every second advance" *********************************************************************************************************************************************************** For every 1 stamina use as attack, 1 = 5damage For every skill in attack, 1 = 5 damage ***********************************************************************************************************************************************************                                   If other class tries to do what the other classes skills is, class gets >x * 4.1<.< SKILLS BAR and use of other skill is drops with 70%. EXPS = Experience done (Player Character have 0 at start, needs 100 to gain 1 Stamina Level point) EXP = Experience for each EXPS point. HITS = Hits done. (Player Character have 0 at start, needs 20 hits for 1 Skill point) HIT = Hit for each HITS point. FOR = Formula. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Creatures. HP MP EXP ATK DEF SPD TRGT HOLD AGR Rat: 15 0 5 4 4 1 NEU GRD 1   Aardvark: 90 0 30 25 30 4 AGR GRD 1 Cub: 30 0 10 17 20 2 NEU GRD 0   Albatross: 75 0 10 20 12 10 NEU GRD 1 Chick: 45 0 0 15 10 8 NEU GRD 0   Alligator: 150 0 60 50 90 3/12 AGR WTR 1 Hatchling: 90 0 40 35 60 2/9 AGR WTR 0   Alpaca: 100 0 15 35 40 11 NEU GRD 0 Cria: 50 0 12 17 20 5 NEU GRD 0   Bison: 200 0 70 80 140 13 NEU GRD 1 Calf: 100 0 35 40 70 6 NEU GRD 0   Anteater: 90 0 30 25 30 4 AGR GRD 1 Pup: 30 0 10 17 20 2 NEU GRD 0   Antelope: 100 0 10 20 12 10 NEU GRD 0 Calf: 50 0 0 15 10 8 NEU GRD 0   Ape: 200 0 90 120 50 12 AGR TOP 1 Infant: 100 0 40 60 40 10 NEU TOP 0   Armadillo: 40 0 12 10 10 1 NEU GRD 0 Pup: 20 0 6 5 5 0 NEU GRD 0   Donkey: 100 0 10 20 12 10 NEU GRD 0 Foal: 50 0 0 15 10 8 NEU GRD 0   Baboon: 300 0 130 150 100 13 AGR TOP 1 Infant: 150 0 65 75 50 7 NEU TOP 0   Badger:   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Extra Animals: Ant. Spiders. etc.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Sex. Characters: Humans. Male: Will carry with 20% faster than the female. Shemale: Will carry/gather 10% faster. Female: Will gather 20% faster than the male.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Kingdom/Villages. Bank: You can access banks everywhere, but the question is if they cooperate so you can access your money everywhere. Marriage: If person marries opposite sex, person can get children within 9 months of game time. OBS!, While the female is getting a child, the female won’t be able to log out and will be raided at any time. (If female dies, child will be lost and time starts over again.) You can only marry opposite sex at any time, but the female have to be shorter than the male by 1Inch/2,5Cm and 1 year younger than the male. 11Days and 5Hours to get child. Children: Children can collect lumber etc. Fight if you choose to let them fight, you can teach them your skills/magic, children can be hybrids of both skills and use them properly at any time of cost. Wanted: You only become wanted if you’ve killed a citizen within the walls of any kingdom, if kingdom cannot afford the wanted list, you do not become wanted, if person looks straight at you and you have seen the picture of his wanted poster, he becomes a target and you choose whether or not to kill him.(Only if your a citizen from the Kingdom where that player got killed.) Refuge: If kingdom/village chooses to build motels, you can find refuge there and it will appear on the map, there will also be pointed refuges around many places in the World II. Build: You can build houses, boats, carriage, different doors, fences and more. Traveling: Boat traveling costs cash in-game. Depot: Players who have become a citizen of a Kingdom, gets depot space. (If Kingdom does not alliance with other Kingdoms, you cannot withdraw depot items there.) Post-Office: You can send players, cash and items. Pets and Mounts can also be sent, but requires a larger amount of cash. Citizen: When person declares Kingdom, you can apply for citizen-ship; there you pay tax to get buildings, street fixing, garbage NPC’s, working NPC’s everywhere around so that you as a person can live safely in that places. Merchandise: Player who wants no land but to merchant are more than welcome to do so. Players: You can always build your own Kingdom, but be afraid, Kingdoms can have scouts and other NPC’s fighting for them. You are always in danger.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   >>>>>Kingdoms gets (First month, you do not have to pay your NPC workers)<<<<< Depots. Bank. Weapon seller. Food seller.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Stamina. Your stamina indicates how much longer your character is able to gain experience. You can hunt for Stamina: Player can only regain stamina while, eating, drinking, sleeping, sitting and camping. Camp: Player can make camp with one click at an open space. (Camp vanishes after 7 in-game days if player does not choose to pick up, if player picks camp up the time of the camp restarts.) Camping: While player is in camp, monsters at night will get additional buff of 50% Strenght. Eating and Drinking: Regains instant stamina, ofcourse food purchase is not cheap, hunt for your food. Eating: If player does not eat every 5 in-game days, player loses stamina double as fast, after 20 in-game-days, player dies of starvation. (Time does not run, when player is offline.) Eating Warning: Players screen gets darker and everthing the players character thinks of is food. Sleeping: While sleeping nobody can attack you, neither trap you, if player is near you while you are sleeping ingame, you will spawn elsewhere. Sitting: If your sit where there is creatures, you will drag 50% more attention of both creatures and players.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   House. Show: Players are able to have shelves where they can show weapons, books. House: When player gains house, player is able to allow other player to access the house, those accepted cannot steal, but are able to use your bed for such any purpose. Bed: When gaining bed, character needs only 6 hours rest and gains additional 2 hours hunt. Shelf: There’s shelves for books, weapons, armors. Tapestry: You can have tapestry in your house. Wall: You can put animals heads on your wall or paintings. Floor: You can put rugs on the floor or omen that will protect your house. Omen: A NPC creates special barrier spell that protects your house against thieves, costs a lot.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Safe Zones. Church: Church is a sacred place where players cannot attack each other, they can also marry the other sex there, which lets them gain approved too get child/children. Sacred Places: The round table, the kings room, church, mosque, synagogue, any religion can be added into Kingdom/Village.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Land. You can buy lands outside Kingdoms, where you can get children.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Children. Children: Children can be raised and help you out in quest, they are like minions and a great deal of help because you can let them have classes.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Reasons. The Great Kingdom: The great kingdom is run by NPC’s and rules all kingdom under them, the only way to get access to the great kingdom is to be a leader of 200Men with a city and guild, only then will you be able to sit on the chair of the round table, which only holds 50 Seats. The ground of The Great King is sacred even around it, any killing will be punished severely by The Great Kingdoms Catchers. The King Of The Great Kingdom is a real life person that will take ideas that you want into the game and consider them while the team will see what can be made for future upgrades.   Hunting time: Why do we have hunting time in this game, see the kingdoms around the world doesn’t want stranger to kill all their supply animals, of course the animals can die out in different places, so be careful of how much you kill in your zone, this is not re-spawn, but birth.   Map: The map will indicate where creature, BOTS, NPC’s, DMC’s, but not how the area looks like, you have to see that for yourself and remember, if you die, you lose 25% of map. Map does also show you if someone killed a member of your “Guild, Family, Party- Member or a Friend” you got 1In-game hour to catch the person who have done that or remember the name if he/she ever crosses you.   Game Time: 1Hour = 1Day. 15Days and 5 Hours = 1 Year.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Waitings. Loading Screen: There will only be loading screen if player such chooses to leave the world if player have reached his/her stamina to be able to do so or teleporting ingame.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   NPC's. Cannot die, they cannot be traped, nor cast spell. But you can silence a NPC so nobody can communicate with NPC. The wanted poster will be made by The Great Kingdom, which means that you will only be hunted by them. If The Great Kingdom soldiers cannot kill you, you will be held captive and become a citizen of The Great Kingdom as result of being worthy.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   DMC's. Will go out with you on war, if you can afford them. There are also DMC's that can be hired for quest. There's a DMC in game, named "Marre" He is the unkilleable creature of the game, he auto follows you and hits you so you fall down, stuns and silences you.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Parenting. Children cannot be born in the Wild, Kingdom or Villages.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   King. The king can have a various of maximum 2000 DMC's. The king can have 100 Knights that will have a double of Stamina, ofcourse if the king is not stronger then them, they cannot get stronger than him. (The King have to always be stronger than his minions.)   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Character Creation:   In-game Username. Face Appeal. Length of character. weight of character. fat or skinny. feet’s size.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Everywhere. Rest: Player in-game have to rest 7hours each 24 Hours, even if player is not logged in, character will auto rest at special times which will indicate that the player won’t be able to log in, in any character, so the person who owns the “Game account” can rest in real life and knowing that everyone have the same gaming time so he/she won’t be stressed. Refuge: If kingdom/village chooses to build motels, you can find refuge there and it will appear on the map, there will also be pointed refuges around many places in the World II.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Casualities. Death: If player dies, player loses everything but Key, Weapon, Sleeping bag, ID and you have to remember your “Bank-Number” to be able to access it. Sets/Armor: Your clothing can be damaged so why won’t you go to the nearest city and forge it so it becomes stronger again. Creature: Creature can be damaged or killed, you got to go to the animal clinic in game and check your creature out, so it wont die.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Addons. Backpacks: There’s variety of backpacks of what they can hold, capacity of items, special items. Bag: You can have two additional bags that might slow you down a bit. Belt: You can have sword, axe, mace, bombs other objects on belt, slows you down a bit. Over pants: You can use your pants to have small stuff, such as keys or else. Over sweater: Can have mark of guild, such as holding glasses that can make your view better. Robe: Holds kingdom sign, person without a robe have no-land. Horse: Your horse can also hold 4 bags.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Create. Guild: To create a guild you must have a guild house behind a wall to create a guild. (Only kingdoms have guild houses.)   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Attention. Bounty: If player kills player, DMC, guard that have robe, player gets a certain bounty by the place that owns the robe. Cloak: Players that becomes citizen of a Kingdom, village gets a cloak as sign that have to be worn at all time. If player removes cloak, player gets revoken of citizen-ship and will have no ID. ID: If player does not have ID, player cannot access certain stuff and places ingame. Guards: If player kills guard of any place, player will get wanted by that place he kills the guard. Profile: When you click at a player, First Name, Length, Weight, Appeal and further character info such as, Guild, Stamina, Health, Mana, Title, Character Death List, Kills. Of course all of this won’t be showed if you only click on player, but you have to see character info and inspect the target so the target will be aware that you are targeting him/her, connect info is also shown, but takes time to access, so that if player have lags or slow connection, player can be aware of you. Fight: While you fight you cannot lock in, which means, the stances you do while fighting have to be accurate and smart. Lock-In: When you lock in, you cannot fight, which means, that if you lock in, under a fight, you cannot cast any spells or skills on other player. Kingdom: If Kingdoms attack other Kingdoms players, the other kingdom will be aware of that.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Communication. Communicate: In-game talking you have a bubble around you at all time, players inside of your bubble can hear your voice, if player is at the out place of bubble they can barely hear you, you have to approach them, so that they can understand you, players on PC, xBox 360, Ps3, WiiU that does not have a Microphone can write back if they have keyboard installed.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS MINIMUM Processor: Dual Core CPU Memory: 1 GB RAM (XP), 2 GB RAM (Vista or Windows 7) Hard Disk Space: 25 GB Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7600 or ATI X1600 Pro DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c Multiplayer: Broadband connection   RECOMMENDED Processor: INTEL Core2 Duo E6750 2.66 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ Memory: 2 GB or greater Hard Disk Space: 25 GB Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 3870 or NVidia Geforce 8800GT Eyefinity Support for ATI cards DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c Multiplayer: Broadband connection   >>>>>Hardware’s:  PC, xBox 360, Ps3, WiiU.<<<<< ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Homepage:   Website: News. FAQ. Information. Screenshots. Game Features. About Us. Contact us. Starting Guide. Security Hints. Creatures. Classes. Spells and Skills. Achievements. World Quests. Experience Table. World Map. Story Line. Kingdom Houses for Rent. Highscore. World II-Wiki. Manage Account. Download Client. World II-Rules. Parent’s Guide. Legal Documents.   Forum:   Support: Customer Support, Technical Support. Community: Raid Guild Forum, Kingdom Guild Forum. Gameplay: Creature Raids, Anonymous Intel. Development: Updates (All updates ever done.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Server Capacity.   100,000 Players online. (At the same time) 200,000 Accounts. (Per server) 75,000 Rent Houses. (Can be built only in Kingdom) 50,000 Rent Houses. (Only in villages) 50,000 Lands. (Outside Kingdom) 5,000 Guild Houses. (Can be built only in kingdom) 1 Character for 1 Account. 1 house for 1 Character. 50 Kingdoms. The Great Kingdom. 500 Houses. (Only for those who have been accepted.) Players can also access kingdom without having a house.   Money: Sum Nikta. (Name of currency.) 100 Sum Nikta = 1 Gur Nikta.   Gur Nikta. 100 Gru Nikta = 1 Gos Nikta.   Gos Nikta. 100 Gos Nikta = 1 Flu Nikta.   Flu Nikta. 100 Flu Nikta = 1 Hoz Nikta   Hoz Nikta.   (Why does the money have diffirent values, because the game is suppossed an talking game, while you talk to bots with your "IRL Voice", you can use "Shortages" as "Sum", "Gur", "Gos", "Flu", "Hoz".) |||| "IVR = Ingame Voice Recognition" As apealing to the character himself, the bot will answer with TWV "Text with Voice" so the user will fully understand the player, also the player have to listen to what the bot tells, which can be learning also a reminder of the real world. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   The Great Kingdom.   The Honor contests. (Ingame Year every 4 Years contest will be held "Every Two Months")   Fighting ground where guilds will fight for the title "Strongest Guild". Fighting ground where players will fight for the title "Strongest Player". Fighting ground where guilds will face brutal monsters not known to man for the title "Monster Raid Slayers" Fighting ground where players will face brutal monsters not known to man for the title "Monster Slayer" Death Matches by the strongest Noblesse of each kingdom for the title "Strongest Noblesse" Speed and agility where players will face players for the title "Swiftest Player" Food gathering and faster food creation for the title "Best Chef"   Special Teleport. In The Great Kingdom, Kings, Noblesses and Great Citizens will be able to pay with their Stamina to either go to Heaven or Hell.   Titles: "King", "Noblesse", "Great Citizen" Only those are worthy entering The Great Kingdom.   Buying. All weapons can be purchased for a huge amount of cash. (Only in The Great Kingdom grounds.) All mounts can be purchased for a huge amount of cash. (Only in The Great Kingdom grounds.) All kind of sets can be purchased for a huge amount of cash. (Only in The Great Kingdom grounds.) All backpacks can be bought for a huge amount of cash. (Only in The Great Kingdom grounds.) One players can be found in the "Map Center", in the gaming world for a huge amount of cash. (Only Kings can access this.) Player can remove bounty of his head, by paying a double of his/her own bounty in The Great Kingdom. (Only in The Great Kingdom grounds.) All areas of the map can be bought by NPC. (Only in The Great Kingdom grounds.) All boss creature places on map can be bought. "Player does not get information about boss creature" (Only in The Great Kingdom grounds.)   Selling. Player can sell Premium Scrolls to other players. (Only in The Great Kingdom grounds.) Player is able to access training room and train skills and sell them (Only in The Great Kingdom grounds), (Player does not keep skills after training). Player can sell away any item to NPC. (Only in The Great Kingdom grounds.)   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Class, Abilities, Weapons and Items. >>>>>Archer<<<<< Special Ability: Perception and Hiding. Weapon: Bow and Crossbow. Abilities: Attack from a far range. Items: >>>>>Knight<<<<< Special Ability: Rage and Swiftness. Weapon: Long-Sword and Shield. Abilities: Straight attack makeing any opponent lose stand. (But Tanks) Items: >>>>>Tank<<<<< Special Ability: Blocking and Pushing. Weapon: Two Shields with Swords, Maces, Axes. Abilities: Clash his shields, creating a wave fearing his opponents. Items: >>>>>Sorcerer<<<<< Special Ability: Teleport and Barrier. Weapon: Wand/Rods and Sword. Abilities: Aoe damage, both around him or cast it far away. Items: >>>>>Medic<<<<< Special Ability: Dig a hole and Heal himself fast. Weapon: Mace and Shield. Abilities: To heal a person with about 25% HP every Real Life Minute. Items: >>>>>Thief<<<<< Special Ability: Disguise and Stealing. Weapon: Knife and Throwing Knives. Abilities: Can make lock-in on specific target without being noticed and attack for 2 seconds. Items: >>>>>Tracker<<<<< Special Ability: Track and Poision. Weapon: Dart and Short-Sword. Abilities: To see Creatures in Map and see other players within a special range. Items:   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Weapons.   Swords: Bronze Age sword Khopesh (Egyptian) Iron Age sword Xiphos (Greek term for the Iron Age sword) Asi (Sanskrit term for the Iron Age sword) Makhaira (Ancient Greek sabre) Falcata/Kopis (swords with forward-curving blade) Celtic sword Acinaces (Persian short sword) Harpe (Greek mythology) Viking sword (early medieval spatha) Khmali sword (Early medieval Georgian sword) Arming sword (high medieval knightly sword) Longsword (late medieval) Estoc (thrust-oriented) two-handed claymore (late medieval Scottish) Curtana (a medieval term for a ceremonial sword) Sabina (a small sword used in daily life) Pulwar (Afghanistan) Shamshir (Persia) Talwar (North India) Kilij (Turkish) Mameluke sword (18th to 19th century Egyptian) Flyssa (19th century Algeria) Kaskara (19th century Sudan) Nimcha (18th century Morocco) Shotel (Ethiopian scimitar) Takoba (Tuareg sword)     Maces: Nusantarian Mace Gadha         Mace.   Axes. Bows. CrossBows.   Royal Rone Crossbow (Shoots arrows bitch explosive dealing AOE damage, slower aim and heavier dealing 45 decreas of speed.) (Can be used to attack walls and doors.) Devil Eye Crossbow (Faster at aiming at target by 10%) Iron Worker Crossbow (Deals a 5% Extra damage, shorter range) Thorn Spiter Crossbow (Shoots a piercing arrow that goes right through and hits two oponents at same time, if they are in line of fire.) Wands. Knifes. Darts. Throwing Knives. Shields. Backpacks. Bags. Locks. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Items. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   FAQ.   How do I get to nearest village? When starting, there will be a arrow pointing to the nearest village.   How do I kill the creatures in the beginning? What if players attacks me at the beginning? Your character is protected by the beginner title, until you reach the village intended for you. After that you are on your own, creatures may attack you at any time.   What is the diffirence between depot and bank? Depot is not in safe, but depot does hold your items safe, while banks only accepts cash. You have to pay for bank each real life month.   How do I earn ingame cash? Selling any items gathered.   What if I do not have food? There's places that gives you food every three days.   How do I cook food? You have to build up a fireplace or camp.   What happens if I sleep? Do my character vanish from the game? No, your character stays ingame, but in a sleeping bag.   Can anybody attack me while sleeping? But trackers will be able to gather information and put trackers on you that will provide him information at all time.   What happens when I wake up? If player is near you when you spawn, you get teleported to a safe place, such as church and if there is only creature near you, creature will run away, no matter how strong creature is.   All Kingdoms are taken, How do I get my own Kingdom? The king of the Kingdom always wears a golden crown which indicates that he/she's the king, every real life week the king have to go to The Great Kingdom in a meeting, at that time, you will have the chance to assassinate the king. (The king cannot fight at that time, his minions will fight.) You can attack the Kingdom with an army and try to take over the Kingdom, but be aware, the Kings DMC will attack back and it's worse if his noblesse are there. You can also duel the king, if you are proven stronger than him, you will take his place, if you're weaker than him, you will lose everything you've ever worked for. You can choose to assassinate your own king.   What happens if the king dies? The Kingdom will fall for 1 Real Life Day, after that the noblesse will duel each other without losing items, until one of them have won the Title of king. The noblesse will lose their special stamina under that time and be regular fighters. The Kingdom door will also be open for 1 Real Life Day.   What happens if I attack anybody inside the castle? All doors will shut and all guards will be alert and searching for you. You will also become wanted if the Kingdom can afford the bounty.   What happens if I don't want to put a bounty on anybody? The King nor the Noblesse have the right to touch the Tax cash.   How do I get access card to The Great Kingdom? You have to own a Kingdom. You have to pay a huge amount of cash. You have to kill any player owning one. You have to be a Game Master or a Senior Master.   What is a Game Master? A Game Master is a person that enforces the law of The Great Kingdom. (A Game Master can be killed, but is the hardest opponent of The Great Kingdom.)   What is an Senior Master? A Senior Master, is a regular player that have played long enough and is experienced with the game. (A Senior Master can be killed, he's just like a regular player.)   -----------   Remember, things that are not meant too be seen are removed due too risk of idea stealing.  
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