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  1. Thanks for the quick response!   I've been reading and studing all your opinions, and I think that making an encripted file with the info that creates and destroys once the game reads it is the easy way to do it, and I can use that system with every single game I want to use, so, that way is more generic and that's the way I want to do it.   now I have another question, is exactly the opposite situation.   Once the game ends, I need to recover some data from it, imagine, who won, or things like that.  So is simple, the game has to create a file once the game ends, and the application has to read it and handle it.   My problem is, how do I make the application to wait until the game ends? since I'm using a simple System("") to launch the application I don't know how to indicate the application to wait until the system is completed.   thanks very much
  2. Hello!   I've depeloped an application in C++ using CEGUI that works similar than steam or the league of legends launcher.   You have your account to enter, add your friends inside the application and then you can play a game with one friend by inviting him to the game.   The game has been developed on unity.   My question is, how can I launch my unity game giving it the right parameters from my C++ Code to make that it starts the game with you and your friend just like games like league of legends, or DOTA does?   Any tutorial, guide, or something that point me in the right direction, because I really don't know where should I start.   Thanks very much!
  3. Hi everyone   I'm working on a proyect for the university. I need to develop a lobby similar to the one that  "League of Legends" has   An application with requires and account, and once you are logged in you can add friends, chat with them, and start a game related with it.   My question is, what should I use to develop the lobby?    I would like to use Java or C++ as programming language, just because those are the languages that I control the most, but I could learn others. I've been reading about CEGUI, but I would like to know other options and your opinion about it.   League of legends lobby is made in Adobe AIR, but I don't see that like a good option because everything I see in the forums of the game are complains about how it works.   What I want is an application that helps me a lot with the appariance of the application but giving me enough freedom to customize my buttons and skins.  So I can focus on programming everything that works beyond the application but without forgiving the design.       Thanks very much
  4. Thank rpiller!   so if I'm not mistaken, I buy a license and I have full access to the forum, the full application,future updates and I can publish my games too right?   if is like that. LE here we go!
  5. Updates. I don't need to do the framework of my game anymore, just the framework of the lobby wich will launch the game. so I can make the game in any engine I want, then I will make a lobby in c++ with my own framework, and this lobby will launch an instance of the game with the right arguments.   So, I've been reading all the answers, thank very much for them. I think the best option is Leadwerks by far. the license only costs 200$, which is really cheap comparing to unity (1500$) and it works in c++ , with his own framework and graphic interface for the level designer.   My only question here is, how is the community, or the support (for example the community of udk is huge and you get response for almost every problem in question of days, more or less what happens here too). did anyone worked with Leadwerks before and has something to say about it before I made my final decision?   thank very much.
  6. Because an online framework is my final project in university. We (the other programmer and me) are not new in c++. Ive been working with it more than 5 years that s why we want to use it in our game. So we could learn a new language but we wouldnt be as experts as we might be in c++. Develop an engine is one option that we only would take if we find a problem that an engine can solve and i dont think thats gonna happen. So apparently we should try with unity but I know that unity has its own online system. The rest of the team doesnt know c++ but they will create the models and the levels while we make the behaviour
  7. Hi. Thanks for your quick response. I've been trying unity too. I did not mentioned in this post because the idea was to discover other engines that are not that known as udk or unity. For example i've never heard about C4. I also forget to mention that my game will work with a third person camera. Anyway there is no problem in buying a unity license and i've considered that already. I just wanted to know what else is out there because I believe that before you choose something like that you need to know all the possible options and get the one it fits you more. PD: i have to make my own online framework anyway. I just decided it could be nice to use it in my own game so thats why my only restriction is that I can make my game with my online system. Thanks
  8. Hello FIrst of all this is my first post in this forum but I'm sure is not going to be the last, so thanks everyone in advance for all the work and time you spend in developing and helping people to develop their own games :). I'm a computer engineer and I started making games long time ago using ncurses. I've been learning how to use unreal development kit and I also got the chance to work and create some games using it, but now I want to do something diferent. I hav a time to work with, 2 programmers, 1 level designer and 2 modelers and we are trying to decide what software shall we use to develop our game. Our game will be a pc online game, think of a super mario online with friends for example We are using 3dmax for develop the characters of the game and we would like to program using c++. Now we are discusing about how engine shall we use, UDK is descarted because you need to pay an expensive license to publish your game in case it success, the online framework that udk uses is oriented to FPS games such as unreal so won't be optimized for our game and since you don't have access to the source code you can't change that. I'm aware we will have to make our own framework, but we are looking an engine that allows our level designer to create the map for the game which an interface similar to udk or unity, with a physics system integrated and that allow us to use our own framework and all our code in c++. The only option I've considered right now is ogre3D, I just want to know if is there anything else that could work too. PD: I know the right thing to do would be to grab OpenGL and create everything from scratch but we are trying to optimize our time as much as we can to focus on developing the framework (which will stealh our programmers for a while) and program the game instead of just make the tools for that since we have a deadline (more or less 9 months) Thank very much and see u at the forums ;)
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