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  1. "You are a Binalblade. You have trained for years to harness the power that either the Sun or the Moon provides. One half of a whole. Alone, you’re strong and possess a great strength. But you’re not alone. You have a partner, an opposite that compliments that which you don’t have.   Use both the powers of day and night to navigate the deadly and corrupt locations in the land of Xenvola and find out the true reasons behind the dire imbalance that is plaguing the land.   Blazefall Binalblades is a 2d hand drawn, fast paced side-scroller. You play as Vox and Vinyl, a pair from a secretive order known as the Binalblades. Featuring a thoughtful day and night system, you will have to plan your route carefully, whilst utilising Vox and Vinyl’s power of the Sun and Moon to overcome the challenges faced in the many unique levels and intense boss encounters."   Hello GameDev community! I hope you enjoy the artwork and in-game screenshots Blazefall Binalblades currently has a Thunderclap campaign live, to raise awareness of the game's Kickstarter campaign that will be going live mid March. The Thunderclap campaign can be found here http://thndr.it/1LWgWP3   Your support is very much appreciated! Please let me know what you think about the screenshots and artwork      
  2.   Hi guys. Version 1.2 of Ghoulish Hijinks is now live in the app store, available for you to grab right now. This update was to implement Game Center functionality. Here's a link to the app store for you all https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/ghoulish-hijinks/id721754328?mt=8   I hope you guys would like to grab/update it and let me know your thoughts. I'd love the feedback. Thanks .   Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cn0vedB_BxE      
  3. What do you do to develop your creativity?

    Listening to music often floods my mind with lot's of ideas, be it ambient music or even video game soundtracks. If I listen to, say Nobou Uematsu's music, I'll start getting lot's of random ideas popping up into my head. Even though his music is for Final Fantasy, the ideas I come up with are not related to Final Fantasy games at all. It's really weird to explain, but it just starts creating ideas in my mind.   I also find that meditating actually allows me to come up with a more solid idea of what I want to create. So for my creative process, it's usually listen to different types of music to get ideas flowing, then meditate to put the ideas into a more solid vision.
  4. Jetpack Race

    Good. It's always nice to have different music for each level. Adds a nice bit of variety to the overall package! Keep pushing ahead with development and keep up the effort you're putting into it!
  5. Jetpack Race

    That music really reminds me of the Duke Nukem 3D expansion pack, Life's a Beach, which is a good thing by the way .
  6. Powerless

    It's always good to start small on your first game, so I think you made the right choice for the game you're creating. It's sounding like a good concept, so keep going with it and let's hope it turns out well!   About the promoting, yeah that's definitely one of the hardest parts that often gets overlooked by new developers. Make sure you start promoting your game as soon as you can (which you've pretty much already started with this thread!), and constantly update users with the latest things you've done with the game.   Good luck!
  7. My game ideas

    Not a problem. I'm happy to help others out however I can   It's also worth mentioning that you'll need to take into account marketing VERY seriously. A lot of starting developers underestimate the importance of marketing and PR. They'll just focus on making the game, put it out there and expect lot's of downloads and the money to roll in. This however isn't the case. You need to market your game effectively to get it noticed amongst all the other games out there.   The marketing is harder than actually making the game in my opinion and something that you need to be actively doing. So it's best to start a website/blog, get active on Twitter and Facebook and post constant updates about your game. Of course being an active member on forums, such as this one for example, is also another good way of building up awareness of your game too. Keep your audience up to date on everything from new concept designs, to changes in the game design itself. Even if you've not got something visual to show, post an update on how the game is coming along.   It's also wise to try and get preview builds of your game out to indie game websites, by contacting the website editors. But make sure that the website covers the type of game you're making. For example, Rock, Paper, Shotgun cover PC indie games, so it would be pointless to send them information about an iPhone or Android game. Also make your subject line of an e-mail interesting. Don't put an e-mail subject as something like "My new indie game" or "Can you review my indie game?", this type of subject line on an e-mail puts them off instantly.   Always remember, you might have a great game on your hands, but if you can't market it, or have someone that can market it for you, then you've got nothing. Good luck !
  8. It looks really good. I'll give a shout out on Twitter to see if I can bring you any potential backers
  9. My game ideas

    I think your best bet would be to decide which game it is you want to work on the most. Preferably the one which you think will have the most appeal/potential. When you've decided that, think about which role you're going to be taking on the project, 3D modeler, programmer, graphic designer etc.   Now you need to list down what other team member positions you need covering. Make sure that you let people know that you're not paying up front for their skills. I assume you'll be wanting to do a commercial release? If this is the case, then let people know that it is a profit share project. One issue of this is you won't have any idea how much profit the game will actually make, so you need to clearly inform people of this risk also. However if it's just a project you're wanting to make to release for free, to get experience, then you'll also need to make people fully aware of that.   For stuff like concept art, or game art in general, you could ask around on the open game art forums: www.opengameart.org and post in the unpaid section with a request.
  10. My game ideas

    That's a lot of projects to be doing all at once. It'd be better to work on one game at a time. Quality over quantity. You'll need some deep pockets to pay people to work on all of these I think.
  11. Black Box - Puzzle game an RPG element

    I think you'd definitely benefit from the free to play model with in game ads with this, especially on mobile devices. The users there download lot's of free games but if they see something with a price they stop and hesitate, even at a price such as £0.69/$0.99. Letting the user pay to stop the ads is a good way to allow your users the decision of if they want to pay for the game, whilst also generating you some money from the ads from the users who play for free.   Of course it's all your decision, but this is the approach I'd personally take with this project
  12. Black Box - Puzzle game an RPG element

    It really reminds me of Edge. That's quite a fun little game. I guess one of the things you'd really take into account with this would be the pricing. That's what would sell it to people. If it's a really good price, or free to play. Are you targeting a more casual audience with this?
  13. Wind Fortress, a web browser RPG soon on Kickstarter

    It's looking intriguing. Nice to see the amount of effort going into to. Good luck with the Kickstarter and keep us all updated
  14. Kabo (3D Platformer)

    It's looking nice. Makes a change from the 2D platformers that we mainly see. Is there going to be any scenery, or is it like Mario 3D Land where the world is floating blocks in the sky?
  15. Hi everyone.   The PC (Windows) version of Ghoulish Hijinks is available now for everyone to play, completely free. No purchase needed, no in game purchases.   You can view screenshots, gameplay footage and get the game here: http://www.desura.com/games/ghoulish-hijinks   I hope you all enjoy the game .