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  1. My aim is to make enough bucks to make a living out of it and not getting rich, but I believe that in both cases story is the same; the chanches are small to make it, regardless the extend.   I remember when I talked with my current boss about gamedev - he said that they tried this as company's side bussiness, but it turned out it's just a big fuc* up and simply not worth of investing. They quickly abandoned the program and went after some stupid shit like 3D printing technology. They started to make molds of some misc stuff, maybe even dildos, totally stupid, but it made an income. There were even cases of game developers, who developed games since they were almost in dipers and I see them now being depended from kickstarter or donations, after investing up to 5% of their lifetime into a single game tittle.
  2. my wish is to get self-employed as one-men team, being a part of IT industry, not bound to anything, anyone and being able to work from anywhere, anytime...kinda freelancer job. However, making this happen doesn't seem to be that easy, especially if one doesn't know what exactly to do. I have just graduated  as electrical engineer and I'm also employed in software developing company which is creating tools for engineers, and I'm mostly doing API programming in .net languages. An OK job, but it's not a long term stuff. As I said, I want to go self-employed route, doing something different.   [rant] I was thinking to try with game developing as this used to be one of my former hobbies. I created some stuff for flash portals and android market, but those were one of the worst projects ever had in the means of time invested and money generated. In previous years I invested a lot of time to learn programming, art,game design and also some audio engineering, but all this has to be done, just to create an application, which technically can be called a game and is still light years away from a state of finished product. Then I had to learn how to make polished art (in my case vector graphics),so that my product looks proffessional and that can be taken seriously (yes, yes I know, there are successfull games with shitty graphics, but they are exceptions), a game market, which is almost definition for oversaturation. It turned out that on game market 90% of developers doesn't make a dime, while others take almost all income and they're more or less all teams. Me as a lone wolf, couldn't stand a chance against highly skilled and professional teams. Some people even told me: "If your primary concern is money, just don't bother with game developing where multiple needed skills are just a ticket into an oversaturated market, where success is based on luck" [/rant]   So what could I try as well?Web page design and web tech seem to be also out of question, since there are so many ppl who do that, but mostly I don't like that either. The idea is that projects are small and managable by one person and that market is not full of this profession. I don't know, just give some ideas.. [yeah I know, I sound like a semi-frustrated college boy, who just graduated and this actually is true]
  3. Which game market for a small team

    Since term "applications" is quite broad in my dictionary, I would ask for some more details or topics I should take a look at.
  4. I have developed few flash games, distributed them over various flash game portals and I am not satisfied with financial income they generated according to the amount of work I put in. I relied on add revenue income but it turned out it is bad idea to do that, unless game is really good and polished, which is hard to achieve with one-man team, at least for me. And even if you get team, you are still competing with hundreds of other top games and hope to get lucky in order to earn that 1000 bucks per month per developer. Things may be better with licensing a game, but still you do not get a deal without heavily polished product and deals seem to average in about 1000-2000 bucks. Licensing is more stable and feasable way of getting income but financially not good enough for 2 programmers and an artist, over 2 months of development time.   I think that flash market is just too much risky to mess around with hiring a team to develope a game. It seems to be heavily oversaturated market where only top quality, polished games get income and even those need luck to get success.   Questions for you; 1. Do you think I should stay at flash market, hire a team, do a 2-month project and try better with licensing? 2. If you think I should hire a team and move elsewhere, what market should I consider?Steam?Xbla?Smartphone?OUYA?Other?   Aim is to choose such market that chances of financial success stay (to be exact let it be 1000 bucks per dev per month) in some highly plausible borders, which flash market seems can not deliver. It may seem  like I am asking for secure bet, but there has to be some market that is decently plausible for success if things are handled properly.