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    Deep Space Engineering : return of Spy Ghost Raider

    Ghost Twin
  2. TorKillWolfGungster

    Deep Space Engineering : return of Spy Ghost Raider

    What is Video of what game ?? : who is you that I as privater than must for you - who nothinger - will doing to explain for you ???? what is questions ? may you should me ?
  3. TorKillWolfGungster

    The Game Development Library (GDL) Project

    now : good luck
  4. Launch the DSE Project on collect money resource IndieGoGo !!       Deep Space Engineering :  several tens thousend Star System in Galaxy Quadrant, Coalition as Double Sphere Quadrant, Long Star Corridor BeTween Spheres, Coalition Star Systems,Dread Lords Civilization Star Systems, Anomaly Jump Gates, Neutral Star Systems, Mega Star Army of SlySense Intrude to Coalitions Quadrants, Coalition Area (have a map of BoderLands), Nearest Space (First Navygation), Far Space (Second Navygation), Deep Space (Third Navygation),  Wild Space (Gold Anomaly Navygation).. Into Coalition Space have are Luminals speed way, but Neutral Coalition Star Systems seldom it a have.  TechnoMagicians play in them himself cosmic dangerous game in Quadrants  and Space Area.  Space Rangers of Coalitions as Independense Spy Army against SlySense Armies, Space Float of Coalitions as Battle Annihilators and ExTerminators be Wars with All Enimies of Himself Star Systems as Guards.    
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