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    2D Illustration and Animation

    Hi, My name is Clint, I run a small design studio. I specialize in 2D game illustration and animation. If your looking for a reliable studio to finish your game project, I am your guy. I have worked with clients from all corners of the world for over 18 years. My style is fun and colorful. I can help you with most of your design needs, from character development, UI, scenes, backgrounds, menus, through to final sprite animations. In any format needed for your project. As well as any marketing material, like banners, adds, or YouTube videos. I like to work with my clients on their projects, and get to know what your goals and ideas are that will help you achieve success. We can discuss your project needs and I will work out a pricing accordingly. I look forward to hearing about your next crazy project. Contact me: Website - http://www.clintsuttonillustration.co.za Email - studio@clintsuttonillustration.co.za
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