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  1. gregd

    New Game - Snake in Flash

    as i was opening this thread i thought of the same exact thoughts. all good games are hard. and that is precisely why it was designed that way.
  2. Threads is... a community driven message board more info at the url
  3. Made a game today whilst learning Flash: enjoy! - post your scores
  4. gregd

    website update

    another major update, specifically to the site front page layout, some new additions. chatter box.
  5. gregd

    website update

    another critical site update. No ads, no garbage, just a clean site to meet people of your interest. click to enter
  6. gregd

    website update

    Thanks, well the logo changes every week or so! I am experimenting with different designs, looking what works what doesnt. -greg
  7. gregd

    website update

    getting a few more user sign ups. Im going to write another update here soon, when the game section is up and running.
  8. gregd

    website update now.. we dont have either chat or cake on the site. the site will allow a user to create an account. right now, its heading toward the whole community-site idea. but soon we're going to add more sections. the first section will be about games. the users will be able to create their game profiles and upload screenshots and demos. and much more. keep an eye on this project if you're interested in sharing your game demos and screens with a vast number of people online. questions/feedback greg
  9. gregd

    Music, Art , for your game.

    Business implies money, and creating anything keeping money in mind disgusts the beauty of the process of creating. But nobody is stopping anybody in particular from doing so. Go ahead, do it, and get paid, use the money to feed yourself and pay rent. Good luck. All comments of that kind will be ignored.
  10. Hello everyone, if anybody needs Music for their game projects, contact me and I'll make up a few tunes for you for a very low price, affordable by any indie developer. I specialize in 'quake-like' music, dark music, unique mood music, something futuristic and synthesized also, with a neat touch. For a demo of my music (just small samples) heres the URL: Some midi experiments: Guitar & Midi Drums mix (cause i was cheap at the time): --- Also, check out my web-site with a lot of detailed game programming tutorials: ( Also... I do art, so if anyone needs art for their games also contact me. i do high quality game or other art (here:click) & animation - something when you know that looks really 'neat' and 'right', but we'll have to talk about the price, depends on the project. here's my art samples folder: here's my Duck Hunt remake with Killable-laughing dog. DuckHunt with Killable-laughing dog I'm not going to be an asshole about the price or anything else, and i dont do 'business attitude' crap. fuck that. and will work with you with a 'friendly' type of communication. i have lots of experience with many game/programmnig aspects and just want to make a few hundred bucks extra on whatever i can help someone out with. Well, that's all.. thanks for reading my small self-promotion. my aol screen name is gregdemon9 and my email is Thanks -greg
  11. Enjoy:
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