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    Is it possible?

    The android virtual device is awful...you really need a device. These days it is pretty easy to pick up a tablet for as low as 150 bucks.   Good that I already own an android device!
  2. D_a_n

    Is it possible?

    Thanks!       List of Game Engines: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_game_engines     Read my signature below this for good guidance in the major areas to cover... Woah! Thanks for all that information, it will help me much!
  3. D_a_n

    Is it possible?

    No, absolutely not. You can download the Android SDK including developer tools and emulator from here, which costs exactly nothing. You don't even strictly need to own an Android device.   But of course, it's still not "free" because you must invest weeks/months for learning (above all, Java programming). A game doesn't just drop from the sky. On the other hand, don't be discouraged, many people have gone that way before.   Thanks!     Thanks!
  4. D_a_n

    Is it possible?

    You can create a game for absolutely no cost; if you mean monetary cost. If you consider your own hours as a cost (what you should) you could create a game that cost only work-hours. I'm talking about PC games, since they don't require licenses to develop.   Playstation games can be a bit trickier since you'll need a formal company (I think there's no way around this). It'll also depend on what country you live in.   It'd be wise to have some showcase games; probably PC games (easier to build), in order to show them for the certification. I have read their submission forms and they ask for a Resumé with pretty specific info like "Prior Development Experience" and, worse, "product catalog"   For more info, go there.   Thanks for the reply! I guess I'll go with the PC games, but I need to start off with Android applications/games, does an app cost much to make?
  5. D_a_n

    Is it possible?

      Tom Sloper, on 28 Oct 2013 - 3:29 PM, said:   2. I was talking about a Playstation or a PC game. 3.a. How can I know if I have the capability to create a game by myself 3.b. and don't need to create a company? 4. Again, I was talking about a Playstation or a PC game.     2. Anywhere from half a million dollars to several million dollars. 3.a. Odd question, not quite sure how to answer this other than:  Make a game. If you can, you have the capability. If you can't, you don't have the capability.  3.b. Questions about company formation are best asked in the Business forum, not here. 4. Yes, there is a way. For a PC game, just do it. For a Playstation game, they do have an indie-friendly program, but you'll still have to jump through some hoops. You have lots of road to travel before you come anywhere near that bridge.   2. Isn't there a way to make a low-budget game that doesn't cost that much? 3.a. Thanks, I will try. 3.b. I will ask there, thank you. 4. Regarding PC games, what did you mean by 'just do it'? Regarding a Playstation game, how can I know more about the indie-friendly program and what kind of roads should I travel before I get to this point? Also, as far as I know, Sony needs a certified company with an entity to gain it access to dev kit and so, is that right or can a stand-alone developer gain this too?
  6. D_a_n

    Is it possible?

    Thanks for the reply. I've been learning some of the C languages for a couple of years, so I think they'll help me out.       1. Yes. 2. It depends.  Can you narrow the question down? Are you talking mobile, console, small downloadable game, AAA packaged game, MMOG?  The Business forum gets questions about cost all the time (best to ask this there). 3. If you create a game by yourself, you don't necessarily need to create a company. But if you partner with others, then you really ought to.  The Business forum gets questions like this all the time. 4. Yes.  Can you narrow the question down some? Thanks for the reply! 2. I was talking about a Playstation or a PC game. 3. How can I know if I have the capability to create a game by myself and don't need to create a company? 4. Again, I was talking about a Playstation or a PC game.
  7. D_a_n

    Is it possible?

    Hello guys, this is my first thread so excuse me if it's in the wrong section. I am interested in creating a game. I've read many topics about game engines, 2D and 3D stuff, but I still have some questions. Can I start making a game by myself (or like-minded people with me)? How much does it cost to make a game? If it needs a company with a entity and so, is there anyway that I can create a game for any platform (except mobile phones) bymyself (or with like-minded people)? Thank you.
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