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  1. This is my last week as indie developer ( also featuring the work of my team ), the most important point is that i move to Game Maker 2 : Hope you like it, comments appreciated. Thanks !
  2. New video featuring last week of work, getting more views with every new video : Please, give me some comments to improve. Thanks !
  3. New video of this week features 3 games in development and is more interesting and better done than my previous videos. I think you'll enjoy it you give it a try : You can play the demos on : Thanks.
  4. The new video of this week features mostly new songs for Bunny Kicker, a cute and simple game : I'm doing best videos each week, next one will be far better cause i have holidays and a lot of free time to work on games. Please, suggestions appreciated. Thanks !
  5. Weekly Indie Devlog 6 ( New Demos )

    New video of this last week. Featuring progress on two games and also showing another one. The video is really cool ( i think ), i'm doing better the videos each week. Enjoy it : Comments about the video, games or anything will be appreciated. If you know some videos about weekly devlogs please tell me about, i know only about the indie called thinmatrix, his videos are great. Thanks for your time.
  6. This is the video of last week. Some interesting points are shown : - Importance of legal issues on Game Development - A new Game Prototype I'm investing more time and learning about video editing, please tell me your opinion about the video and the content shown on it. Thanks !
  7. Here is my first edited video featuring one week as indie : Comments appreciated, take care.
  8. Combat is important in rpgs

    Really cool animation !
  9. Sea Friends First Test

    Here the first try coding a new Visual Novel for my team : First demo will be ready soon !
  10. Weekly Indie Devlog - 01 ( We start )

    Thanks for the comment. I'm not english native speaker, sorry for my errors. Do you think it could be good to write text even it will be mostly the video's info ? I'm refering to the "more material" issue you said. Thanks, i really appreciate your comment.
  11. Second video of a Devlog Video Series about my Team : Hope you discover something interesting on the video or the link ahead. Enjoy our Games here : Thanks !
  12. Business. What is long term growth and sustainability?

    Really interesting.   Thanks for share your toughs.
  13. This is my first video devlog talking about the Team founded by me. I describe what Games we are developing and also the works that need to be done this week for the members : Manage an Indie Team is not easy but i have luck since i found nice people to work with. This is just an introduction, more interesting issues will come each week. Please, comments will be appreciated. Thanks !
  14. On the video you can see new changes applied to this Game Design while i explain the ideas behind this implementation. This is a new video of a video series featuring the development of a Game from scratch while explaining details and giving tips of Game Design. It's interesting to see the process so i hope will help you out to design your games. Here the video : And here you can test the Game : What do you think of the Game ? Did you learned something of my Game Design process ? Or.. at least the video made you think about some point of your Game Design work ? Thanks. Comments will be appreciated, i want to improve. See ya.
  15. Here a new video of my series " Less is More on Game Design ". Through a project you'll be able to see my steps to design and decide about every aspect of this Game. On this video new graphics are added and the first test of the music is done. There's no need to have final graphics to test the music, songs and also sounds can give ideas about other aspects of the Game. Hope this video can help somebody to learn or think about something to design projects. Thanks.