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  1. If I remember correctly there were some using exporting .FBX from blender. It has to do with different coordinate systems used by blender and unity. This link maybe of some help.
  2. Carducci

    Cost of a freelance games programmer?

    The most important factors are in my opinion skill factor and place of living. A programmer from the Philippines will generally be cheaper than hiring someone from Germany, just because the cost of living is a lot higher.  One warning in advance: hiring someone just because he is cheap can cost you a lot of money in the long run.
  3.   That's very compelling. Is there a video or something to accompany it? I can't quite follow how they're doing that from the slides. I Googled the guy's name a bit but could only find the slides.     The video of the talk is in the GDC vault for 2012, but you have to have a subscription to acces it. 
  4. Carducci

    Opengl ?.x and what Tutorial

      The basics of opengl 3.x and 4.x are the same if you use the programmable pipeline. The features are nice, but if you are beginning with opengl you aren't going to use them in while. It is more important that you learn the basics of the programmable pipeline. If you understand this it is very easy to switch to a newer opengl version with feature you want to learn.
  5. Carducci

    Opengl ?.x and what Tutorial

      I think because opengl 3.x introduced the programmable pipeline. Opengl 4.x just added a bunch features. If you understand opengl 3.x it is very easy to transition to opengl 4.x. So it is important that you learn the programmable pipeline and not the fixed pipeline of opengl < 3.x.
  6. Carducci

    Starting Out

       I will try to answer some of these questions:   1. As far as I know there isn't any book on game design that uses C#.  There are some books that use XNA (and C#). If you don't have much experience in C# it also may be worthwile to pick up a general C# book.   2. You can always have a look at Unity. It is possible to use C# as scripting language for it.   3. How hard it is to build an engine really depends on your skill level and what the engine needs to do. A 3D game engine with support for OpenGL and DirectX is far more complicated than a 2D engines that uses sprites. So it is hard to say without knowing more. One thing I do know is that making game engine is not one of best start projects if you have no experience in the language that you are using.   4. XNA will make possible to run it on Xbox360, the only problem is they abandoned the XNA project a while ago. They haven't announced nothing new yet for Xbox One AFAIK.   6. ASP.NET is not a scripting language. It is framework that can be used to build websites. I don't think it will benefit you with game design.
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