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  1. The Unreal engine is created by dozens and dozens of experts who are probably all on $100k/year salaries, so $50k is pretty cheap. For $50k you'd only be able to hire a junior/intermediate programmer for one year, and in that time they'd have no chance of creating something that can rival Unreal.   Also -- with engine licensing, companies like to restrict the ability to use C++ for the cheap/"indie" version, and then sell a C++-compatible version for a lot of money. They do this, because the big companies (who do have a lot of money) want to use C++, while the garage-game-develoeprs (who have no money) are often happy with other languages.   If you want to use C++, you pretty much either have to have a lot of money, or you have to use an open-source engine, which usually aren't as good as UDK/Unity/etc...       That's not true. The main PhysX functionality works everywhere (otherwise no one in their right mind would use it!!), but it has some extra functionality that only works on nVidia GPUs. Games often use this for extra special effects or destruction stuff, so that it doesn't matter too much if it's missing.   Agreed. And thanks for the PhysX info.   Have nice times and bye.
  2.   Thanks for your answer. but it says 404 Page not found. And I was told UDK won't support C++ language.     I had no time to think how to write my question.Thanks to you for your tips, just edited my first post.     It looks like a GTA game, you can go to a city, drive and walk (When I say GTA, I obviously don't mean GTA V or even something close to that,though). And what I mean by "Supporting C++" is something like "Using C++", Thanks for your answer. I just forgot to say the game genre in the first post.   Oh, thanks for your info. That's expensive, isn't it? Because we seriously like to program in C++ . Agreed.  Thanks for your advice.   Very thanks for your reply. But I heard PhysX is not supported in AMD (I mean non-nVidia) devices. And there's no time limitation for the project, we want to make the game for fun AND for earning money,too. Thanks for your replies. I think I choose Unity.
  3. Any ideas? Sorry for double posting but did I just wrote my questions puzzling?
  4. Hi, I'm very new in game coding but I do program in C++. I'm going to make a game with our group next 2 years. I'm somehow advanced in 3D Max, So I not only have to help our group to program the game but I also have to make 3D models. One of us know C# a bit. And I don't plan to use any other language as the game is related to my university lessons and all of the lessons are about C++ (to the time I'm writing this post).     Due to the things I said, I want to download/buy a game engine that: 1) has superb graphics and physics 2) supports C++ and 3DsMax objects AND 3DMax animations. OR (that's really important) supports C++ and is capable of animating and creating 3D models just like 3DsMax or easier (faster 3D modelling) than 3DsMax. And my last must-have option for the game engine I want to download/buy is: 3)Exporting, I mean I want my game be played not only in PC, but in Android (other platforms are not necessary but are magnificent to be supported by the game engine).   4) Some additional stuff that is good if the game engine has them: We want good graphics for the game and we want our game playable in PC and Android. We are looking for a game engine that does most things it self (in order to save time)     Note: I found Unity is superb (although it doesn't support C++ completely, we can do something with C#) yet it's graphics are too low and it has The nVidia Physics  that means people who has AMD graphics cards won't like my game. Unreal on the other hand don't support some multiplayer code stuffs and I was told it doesn't support C++ at all yet it has superb graphics. Cry Engine seems it'll make us cry as we are noob in game programming and the game engine is really advanced. Then I have no idea what game engine to choose, Please help me to choose a prefect game engine.   Additional Notes:  We're also noob in C++ coding that's why I said we want to make a game next 2 years. We're not sponsored, we don't have even a little money, so we want to finish it with the most economic way.   Thanks for taking your time for reading this. I'm looking forward for your answers.
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