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  1. Keep your data under your control

    new user for testing : site : user : test pass : test
  2. Hello   today i preset to you , a web desktop to store your data .   Superdesk website feature:    * unlimated storage    * easy desktop theme    * keep your data under your control    * watch videos / upload videos (from internet or local)    * musics    * the os can read directly flash games and app you just upload it    * navigator web    * free ftp client to access to your data on another host    * and more .....     Screenshot from superdesk desktop       Video :   email to get acount  :
  3. Plz help (assembly)

    thanks guys , but the first code is Microsoft Inline Assembly , i want to use it in gcc . i have no idea how to convert it i just do some effort on it , can anyone know how to use the first microsoft assembly in gcc (c++) function
  4. Plz help (assembly)

    i get this error when i compile the first asm code : error: expected '(' before '{' token|   i'm working on c++ with ide codeblock (gcc 4.8.1) under windows 8
  5. Plz help (assembly)

    anyone ? this what i do , but no luck :( asm( "mov stack_top , %eax;" "mov state , %ebx;" "mov ti , %ecx;" "movw %eax , %esp;" "push %ecx;" "push %ebx;" "call my_setjmp;" "pop %ecx;" "or %eax, %eax;" "je ret_label;" "push %ecx;" "call call_task;" "ret_label:" );
  6. Plz help (assembly)

    I have some code which I've written in Intel syntax assembly, which I now need to convert to AT&T syntax so that I can run it in an asm block in some C++ code. I'm working with C++ with in Code::Blocks, using gcc 4.8.1 under Windows 8. Here is my original code: __asm { mov eax, stack_top; mov ebx, state; mov ecx, ti; mov esp, eax; push ecx; push ebx; call my_setjmp; pop ecx; or eax, eax; je ret_label; push ecx; call call_task; ret_label: } I made an attempt to convert it to AT&T syntax, but it isn't working: asm( "mov stack_top , %eax;" "mov state , %ebx;" "mov ti , %ecx;" "movw %eax , %esp;" "push %ecx;" "push %ebx;" "call my_setjmp;" "pop %ecx;" "or %eax, %eax;" "je ret_label;" "push %ecx;" "call call_task;" "ret_label:" );
  7. codeblock and andoird

    thanks for your reply , i'm using c++ , i need a library for just devlop application for android ,can you help me for that ?
  8. Hi friend ,   How can i setup codeblock to developing application for android ?   thank you
  9. pack models for citys

    Hi all , Very nice pack models for sell  , you can get it here