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  1. alrighty do you reccomend going to a college for learning java or do it yourself such as tut's,guide's,books etc..
  2. Thankyou meeshoo XD i understand that programming is hard and i will dedicate myself and my learnings to achieve the upmost highest goal possible creating a successfull game quick question..Is java the only program language that ill need to create such a game or is there many others thatll ill need to learn.
  3. Hello everyone looking forward to hearing your replies and see what this community has to offer im sorta just a ordinary gamer except ive been playing games since the age of 10 and befor that i was playing on some consoles games since the age of around 7-9 i gave up consoles and went to pc games around 10ish.I guess i just couldnt be satisfied playing console games anymore i was starting to get into Mmorpg or you can call them mmo's massive multiplayer online games.   I went Neopet's,to Habbohotel,Then finally atlast my favorite Runescape,Its now called Runescape Classic im 50% positive everyones herd about runescape not sure though anyways, ill get straight to the point.I wanna create something similar to runescape classic such as the graphic's which i believe are 2d,but some 3d graphics in there as well,browser based, and i want it to be able to be played on most if not all platforms,also i wouldnt want it any other way then an massive mulptiplayer online environment.   So heres what i basically want to do.growing up as a kid i kind of didnt have much of a social life after the age of 10 games became my social life especially the mmo's like runescape,diablo 2,and later on i played ultima online etc.But i would like to create an environment where you can escape your fear's, your worries and the real world for a bit and have some online fun with friend's or brothers or sisters from real life or even online buddy's and explore different realm's,compete for the best loot's,Do daily event's,quest's,have weekly update's such as bug fixe's,etc,and also add monthly content to keep the players and loyal ones happy.I wanna create such a diverse environment for people to play and explore on i dont want it to die out within a few months of game play.   Which and how many programming languages will i need to learn for this project/game i wish to create.Ive only herd about java,lua,python,C+,C++ if theres more which im sure there are please feel free to leave them in a reply below if you dont mind   So ill round up the above and put it into a smaller format I want it to be Browser bassed I want it to run on almost if not every platform I want it to be a Massive Mulptiplayer envrionment I wanna be able to update/fix it daily if not weekly,or monthly I wanna be able to play my own game and not get bored of it.   Thankyou all for taking the time to read this and godbless you all.