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  1. Hey Guys, this is my first post in this forum, so please don't be too strict with me. Also I hope that you can understand me, english is not my native language and I am still learning it. I hope this is the right section for my topic. If not, I hope someone can move it to the right place. But now my question. I finished a few little game projects in the last years by just taking some notes of what the game should be about and other key data. That worked out perfectly, but now I am working on a much much bigger project. It may be a little too big for me, but if I can't finish it, that is not so bad, because I am doing it to learn things. So this is the first time I have to write a full Game Design Document. And I am struggling at the Story part. The game is an open world game, and the player starts with nothing than a little hint that leads to the main story. But the Player don't has to follow that hint. He can talk with other npc's experiencing other adventures. He can even turn into a bad guy so I don't know what the player will do and when he will do it. So how the hell do I write that story down? Is there a common system for Storys like mine?   I hope you can help me.   Best regards, Tobi
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