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  1. Looks very good, nice work.
  2. Maybe you're just playing wrong games
  3. You can participate in the upcoming unofficial gamejam of GDNet that comes every year. Some people are also looking for a team member there which might suit your needs.
  4. Yes, now they're called Blogs.
  5. No one can tell except maybe the programmer who wrote that code. The best way to figure it out would be to recall how you encountered that bug and repeat that process in hope of finding it again.
  6. That is probably the case. I'm not seeing it now.
  7. Cool. ;D
  8. I'm seeing all ads, and it's still telling me I have an adblocker.
  10.   Huh? Why would I pay some random student when I can find that stuff for free on the internet.
  11. Watch the tutorial again and see what you did wrong. You can't expect people to solve your problems like these. 
  12. Very cool, thanks for this thread. EDIT: The Uncharted: Lost Legacy trailer is not from E3, here's that one
  14. Could be a problem with your laptop. You mean you get this problem when you run any executable provided by rastertek tutorials only? Did you compile that executable yourself or you downloaded it from the website?
  15. Yes, that's allowed.