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  1. newtechnology

    I think my game is so terrible

    Yes, it is. It will get better, just keep doing it.
  2. newtechnology

    Week of Awesome VI - 2018?

  3. newtechnology

    Perfect Messaging On C++

    Good job on not writing ugly code.
  4. newtechnology

    Week of Awesome V - Administration Thread

    The new ones.
  5. newtechnology

    Platformer game where player is a developer

    A developer can be anyone who develops. What do you mean by developer? A game developer? Maybe I'm missing out on what you are trying to say.
  6. newtechnology

    Platformer game where player is a developer

    What kind of developer? The plot doesn't sound very interesting.
  7. newtechnology

    What Math Do I need to brush up on?

    Linear Algebra and Calculus. Khan Academy is a great learning resource for that.
  8. Not bad at all, but companies like Bungie tend to hire people with industry experience. So, aim for getting a job first anywhere in the game industry. I am not saying your first job cannot be at Bungie, but if you have industry experience, the chances of you getting hired are high.
  9. newtechnology

    megadrive sgdk output error

    You have to be more specific. Also, those images aren't loading.
  10. newtechnology

    Weekly update #22

    Looks very nice.
  11. newtechnology

    Problem in finding resources for learning

    For C# and Unity? Here's one https://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials/topics/scripting/coding-unity-absolute-beginner
  12. newtechnology

    Problem in finding resources for learning

    I don't know about Love2D, but you should not have any problems finding learning resources for Unity. I haven't used Lua or Python, but I think C# is very easy, especially in Unity as a scripting language.
  13. newtechnology

    GitHub with Visual Studio C++ Revisited

    Maybe, I don't know, but a quick google search gave me this result - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/161813/how-to-resolve-merge-conflicts-in-git It looks like you use "git mergetool" which will open a GUI that guides you through each conflict/compares two different commits. It also says that you need to have one of those GUI tools installed mentioned inside the link in first answer. I haven't used it, so I don't have any opinion.
  14. newtechnology

    GitHub with Visual Studio C++ Revisited

    Yes. Don't understand what you are saying there, but in my opinion, you should use the GUI git tools for basic things like pushing and pulling and git shell/command line for more advanced things.
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