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    Kingdoms Of Dwardomar RPG

    I really like the art style! It's wonderful! This game looks fun and you really seem to have a great attitude. I would love to help out if I can! My name is Johannes and I'm a composer from Sweden.  Here's a link to my portfolio. https://soundcloud.com/johannes-q Check it out and if you like my music just pop me a message here or send me an email. It's listed on my soundcloud.  I've written in a fair amount of genres so just scroll around a bit.   Cheers Johannes
  2. JohannesQ

    Looking for critique on my new RPG forest theme...

    I really like the feel and style of this song. I like it a lot actually! It really reminds me of Dark Cloud 2. However I disagree with the other posters. Adding reverb would just mush everything up. Do not remove any instruments from the main part, it's fine as it is. Just add a small part where it's slower and with less instruments. Don't forget to change velocity and use the MW for changes in expression or vibrato.
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