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  1. slagusev

    The problem with ArmorPaint

    The problem was solved by applying the modifier "Triangulate" to all objects of the model. Or, when exporting to OBJ, activate the "Triangulate Faces" parameter
  2. slagusev

    The problem with ArmorPaint

    I attach files. BLEND and OBJ files panskoe_window.blend panskoe_window_obj.zip
  3. slagusev

    The problem with ArmorPaint

    Question by Blender 2.8 and ArmorPaint. Made a model (1 screen), decided to try texturing, but in ArmorPaint somehow displays (2 screens). On the forum they write that you need to edit the normals. Corrected, but the effect is zero. In the unit it is displayed normally (3 screens). Who can that prompts ?!
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