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  1. We've released version 1.0.4.Alpha.
  2. My post on frame-based timing in JetEngine.
  3. This is how I made the integrated help system in GamePascal.
  4. 1. GamePascal AstroBlaster Demo 2. GamePascal IDE - Update #5 Video 3. New build soon.
  5. This is a short video showcasing the integrated context sensitive HTML help. It turned out the be a little more bothersome to get working than I anticipated. Now I just have to finish working on the documentation.
  6. I recently got asked the question:  “with all of the other game programming products out there , that you  intend to compete with , why is yours a  better choice? What is it about your paid product that would be to my advantage to switch to? Does this product do something unique that other don’t, etc.?”   Simple & Elegant We hate complexities and feel that software should be powerful and capable, but must be very approachable. It should be simple to use yet elegant and feature rich. For example, you should be able to select your target platform and generate output for that platform without jumping through tons of hoops.   Intuitive The product will be intuitively designed. It will work the way you need to work so that you can be very productive.   Fairly Priced It will have price points suitable for everyone. You can have a great product that is very desirable but if it’s priced beyond what the majority of the people who will use it can afford, then what’s the point? The Point is if its popular it will get pirated!   Community Driven We listen to feedback and wish for YOU to be involved in shaping its development. We want to build a thriving community around GamePascal.   Quality Product & Support Our standard practice is providing affordable high quality development solutions. But lets face it, the state of customer support across all industries these days is not good. I think most people can give an account of more than one bad experience. We aim to make quality customer support a top priority. Offering great products and services is just part of the process. Backing them up with quality support is key to a successful operation and building customer loyalty.   Iteration We’re a small company with limited resources so it’s all the more important that we stay agile and be reactive to market demands. We will iterate our company in all areas to be better, faster & stronger.   Transparency We shall will be honest and transparent. No hidden motives, ploys or dishonest business practices that are so common this day and time. We will conduct business fairly, honestly, profitably, and cheerfully, while avoiding debt and extravagance; to support an efficient non bureaucratic organization based upon teamwork, honest and frequent communication, careful and thoughtful decisions; to offer employees meaningful work, fair compensation, and all necessary help for them to do their best work; to develop useful, reliable, and wonderful software products; to market our products effectively, professionally, truthfully, and with excitement; and to offer excellent support for our products.   Summary GamePascal is a cross-platform solution for game development in Object Pascal. If you love Pascal, if you love game development and need a cross-platform solution that is simple and elegant, lightweight yet effective and very affordable, GamePascal aims for this and more. Our goal is to make GamePascal a community driven, quality and affordable product that people will want to use and own and not pirate.
  7. @slagusev Thank you and thanks for taking the time to report. It is appreciated. Ok a few things... all geneated executables rely on SDL (on win32 it will be gpsdl2.dll) which must be "visible" on startup. Notice that all the examples in the distro will be output in the examples/bin/win32 folder which also has the gpsdl2.dll file so they (should) run without any problems. If you've changed the output location or have not set an output location for any files that you create, then set the output location to bin/win32 and it should work. Or copy gpsdl2.dll to the location of your generated executable. In any case, assuming there are no other related issues, the glsdl2.dll runtime needs to be found.   1. You can add {$PROJECT OUTPUTNAME "bin/win32/finename.exe"} anywhere in the project source above the program keyword (see this in the examples). 2. Or you can goto to Compiler->Edit Project Options and you can set the output location there as well.   Let me know if I can be of futher assistance. Also note that I can respond to your request faster and more efficenly if you eithe email me directly and/or post in the support forums on http://gamepascal.com.
  8. Alpha Release 3 is now available (see link in first post). Apologies for the delay. We were having some server issues. All should be sorted out now. Please let us know if you experience any download problems.    If you want to provide feedback, we encourage you to register an account at http://gamepascal.com and post in the support forums. Also, you are able to send feedback directly from within the IDE   Thanks.
  9. GamePascal will be a cross-platform based game development system based around the Object Pascal language and powered by SDL2. Download: Direct Link Version: 1.0.4.Alpha Platform: Win32 (Win64, MacOS, Linux and possible iOS & Android to come) API: SDL2 Web: http://gamepascal.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/gamepascal Twitter: http://twitter.com/gamepascal YouTube: http://youtube.com/gamepascal These are some of the features either already in or planned for a future release: Object Pascal (Delphi level 7 syntax) Powered by SDL2 High-level game engine on top of SDL Cross-platform (Win32, Win64, Macos and Linux) Bytecode & Native code generation Light-weight customizable IDE (GamePascal Develop) Syntax Highlighting Code Completion Code Templates Source Level Debugging Plus much more... The product will be developed and refined on win32 platform until it reaches a satisfactory level of maturity then it will be expanded to other platforms. We are looking for feedback, ideas and suggestion to help shape into a great and usable product. During the alpha/beta phase it will be free and most all features enabled for testing and feedback. It will to be a commercial product upon final release and very indie friendly. We plan to have a Free, Standard and Professional version. Those that contribute and provide feedback will be granted a free professional license and your name will be included in the credits (if you prefer) along with other incentives and special offers. More information and media coming soon. Thanks for your consideration.