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  1. Greetings, New features are ready and now the alien is able to defend himself. In this devlog I want to show the first telekinetic skills of the alien. 2 types of the skills are ready and now the alien can lift up and throw humans. After that you can search a person and take his stuff for using for the alien's purposes. The human behaivors have been expanded and now there are more interesting interactions with the alien. Inventory, scanning territory features have also been improved. New trailer is ready, show beats tell. The video with all features showcase is here:
  2. Hello everyone, The development continues and now it's time for our alien to meet some humans. First two basic behavior types are now ready. The first one is scared guy who saw the alien, he screams and runs away. The second one is more aggressive man. He tries to attack the alien, punches or kicks him and chases when the unknown green humanoid runs away. Also, ragdoll feature for the alien has been added. Low mass of the body and special bone structure make our green hero vulnerable to the brute force of earthly creatures. So, punches and kicks of some aggressive people can throw the alien in the air along with some funny variations of ragdoll physics. The video with new features and some funny interactions is here: Don't worry, the alien will be able to defend himself. So, watch the development updates!
  3. Greetings! The aliens need nutrition for their body and they have found the way how to find it on the Earth. Using the power of mind they can find necessary nutritional elements. This task is still challenging and the mind power can be exhausted quickly. The aliens can meditate to recover the mind power and continue using it for different abilities. There is still a lot of work on testing and balancing these features, but it is already playable. Also, the aliens interact with water in an unusual way. They don't have such liquid on their planet, so the interaction activates rough chemical reactions and releases some forces. Here is video demonstration with using of the features:
  4. Hello everyone, In this article I want to introduce Zibbs - Alien Survival, my new game in development. Zibbs - Alien Survival is an open world game where you play as an alien trying to survive on the unknown planet - Earth. Alien research mission makes an emergency landing due to spacecraft malfunction. The landing place - unknown planet called Earth. Playing as an alien, the player must survive in the extreme conditions of a foreign atmosphere, as well as look for the necessary materials to repair the spacecraft. The aliens have unique abilities that will help them remain unnoticed when interacting with intelligent beings of the planet - humans. Being on Earth requires careful handling of the local flora and fauna, as well as constant monitoring of body temperature. Scanning the environment will help to find the necessary elements for the alien nutrition. Only the most experienced players will be able to successfully explore the unfamiliar and dangerous planet and safely leave it! Features: Play as an alien who arrived on Earth. Unique nutrition and crafting system. Interesting patterns of interaction between aliens and humans. Explore the environment using unique alien capabilities. Beautiful open world map. So, what is ready and what is currently in development? The game is an early stage of development. In the Early Environment Preview below you can see landscape and some inventory features along with nutrition of the alien. The next step will be adding some new animations. When it is ready I plan to add some humans and AI. Early Environment Preview: Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1001960/Zibbs__Alien_Survival/
  5. JohnyBGooD

    GDWC 2018

    Hello everyone! From today and all week long you can vote for Pixelpunk XL in the Game Development World Championship. Here is the link: https://thegdwc.com/
  6. JohnyBGooD

    Pixelpunk XL - Out Now!

    Greetings! I'm happy to announce that Pixelpunk XL has been released today on Steam! I thank all the people who support me and give feedback on my posts. Steam page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/803850/Pixelpunk_XL/
  7. JohnyBGooD

    Gameplay trailer

    Maybe not enough real playtesting at this time. I have sent you a beta test Steam key to the email I found in your profile.
  8. JohnyBGooD

    Gameplay trailer

    Yes, this track will be in the game. The release date is the 20th of April 2018. I have enough feedback at this time, thanks.
  9. JohnyBGooD

    Gameplay trailer

    Hey guys, Here is Pixelpunk XL gameplay trailer:
  10. JohnyBGooD

    Devlog #7 - Epic and toxic fight with a boss

    Thanks for your feedback.
  11. JohnyBGooD

    Devlog #7 - Epic and toxic fight with a boss

  12. Greetings, In this devlog I want to show you how the combat with a boss will look like. You appear in a large room with a weird contraption in the middle of it. This contraption is a boss who attacks you immediately. There are several platforms around, where smaller enemies appear time by time. Also you can find some places with replenishments for health and ammo. You need to move a lot to dodge the boss's ammo and shoot the smaller enemies which chase you. And of course the main action is shooting at the boss which has a lot of health. The video in toxic display mode is here:
  13. JohnyBGooD

    Devlog #6 - Whitish Mode

    Hey guys, The sixth devlog is here. Today I want to demonstrate another experiment with post processing filters. New Whitish mode will be available in the main menu. The player can choose Toxic mode or Whitish mode as alternative to the standart Pixelated mode. I considered that it would be fun. So, here is the video: The main menu will look like this:
  14. JohnyBGooD

    Gameplay Devlog #5 - Toxic Mode

    Greetings! The fifth devlog is a video demonstration of my experiment with post processing filters. I found the following result interesting, it can be an option in the main menu - the player can choose how his gameplay process will look. It looks completely different from the standard pixelated mode. Here is the video:
  15. JohnyBGooD

    Devlog #4 - Kamikaze and Electroshock

    Currently 4$ , but it can be different on the release.
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