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  1. Hello everyone, New and interesting feature of humans possession has been added to the game. This ability will help us to interact with humans and use them to get resources and useful items. Possession skill let the player to move around as a human and start fights with others. When a human gets a knock out we can search him and take some items we require for various purposes. This also helps to protect the alien from human aggression. The new feature very fun to play and can result to various interesting and unexpected consequences. New video is ready, let's see how the gameplay with new ability looks!
  2. JohnyBGooD

    PC Devlog #7: Building System.

    Greetings, Now our alien can build Holographic Bases with a variety of unique features. The building process consists of 2 stages: energy floor design and creating of items. The alien can create 3 types of energy spheres, they can be combined in many ways. This gives us different energy schemes for further building. The items require a certain amount of energy in the floor beneath. Currently 2 types of items are ready: nutrients farm and resource farm. I plan to add much more items with unique and interesting features in the future. In the video you can see the process of building along with an episode of building resources gathering. Video demonstration is here:
  3. Hello everyone, Scanning of the environment has been completely reworked and now looks completely different. Now there is a trace that our alien must follow to collect builders for the nutrition chest. This makes searching of nutrients more fun and unpredictable because the builders trace can take you far from the start of scanning. Also, now the alien needs special building resources. To find them the player needs to watch the environment and catch the resources with an energy pole. The whole building system will be described in next devlogs. Another feature that has been already added to the game is a simple dynamic weather system. Now we can watch wind speed changes, clouds and rain. The rain can cool the alien's body and may dangerous or useful in different situations. Here is a video with demonstration of the new features:
  4. Greetings, New feature has been added to the game and now the alien can move faster and more effective. Stretching the body is the innate ability of the aliens. Using it in the Earth environment leads to interesting results. The alien can stretch and throw himself in the air and then hover above the ground stretching his legs between trees or rocks. This abilities can also help to land on the ground safely. Scanning and searching of nutrients has been also improved and became harder on the ground. But it can be easier when using stretching taking nutrition spheres from the air. The new features were hard to integrate into the game, but now I am happy with the result and I have a video to show you! The new video is here: https://youtu.be/x4_raPNIoXI
  5. Hello everyone, Scan system has been improved and now it consists of 2 stages. It has become more fun, easy to learn, but hard to master. Also the game now has some people in the map that came to arrange a barbecue and brought some stuff with them. The alien can search their stuff and find some things required for repairing of his spacecraft or for developing new skills. This can cause some aggression from the human side and troubles for the alien. The completely new feature is creating of levitation circles. This skill will help the alien to move more efficiently and unnoticed. Video demonstration is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suwxGF7_PWQ
  6. Greetings, New features are ready and now the alien is able to defend himself. In this devlog I want to show the first telekinetic skills of the alien. 2 types of the skills are ready and now the alien can lift up and throw humans. After that you can search a person and take his stuff for using for the alien's purposes. The human behaivors have been expanded and now there are more interesting interactions with the alien. Inventory, scanning territory features have also been improved. New trailer is ready, show beats tell. The video with all features showcase is here:
  7. Hello everyone, The development continues and now it's time for our alien to meet some humans. First two basic behavior types are now ready. The first one is scared guy who saw the alien, he screams and runs away. The second one is more aggressive man. He tries to attack the alien, punches or kicks him and chases when the unknown green humanoid runs away. Also, ragdoll feature for the alien has been added. Low mass of the body and special bone structure make our green hero vulnerable to the brute force of earthly creatures. So, punches and kicks of some aggressive people can throw the alien in the air along with some funny variations of ragdoll physics. The video with new features and some funny interactions is here: Don't worry, the alien will be able to defend himself. So, watch the development updates!
  8. Greetings! The aliens need nutrition for their body and they have found the way how to find it on the Earth. Using the power of mind they can find necessary nutritional elements. This task is still challenging and the mind power can be exhausted quickly. The aliens can meditate to recover the mind power and continue using it for different abilities. There is still a lot of work on testing and balancing these features, but it is already playable. Also, the aliens interact with water in an unusual way. They don't have such liquid on their planet, so the interaction activates rough chemical reactions and releases some forces. Here is video demonstration with using of the features:
  9. Hello everyone, In this article I want to introduce Zibbs - Alien Survival, my new game in development. Zibbs - Alien Survival is an open world game where you play as an alien trying to survive on the unknown planet - Earth. Alien research mission makes an emergency landing due to spacecraft malfunction. The landing place - unknown planet called Earth. Playing as an alien, the player must survive in the extreme conditions of a foreign atmosphere, as well as look for the necessary materials to repair the spacecraft. The aliens have unique abilities that will help them remain unnoticed when interacting with intelligent beings of the planet - humans. Being on Earth requires careful handling of the local flora and fauna, as well as constant monitoring of body temperature. Scanning the environment will help to find the necessary elements for the alien nutrition. Only the most experienced players will be able to successfully explore the unfamiliar and dangerous planet and safely leave it! Features: Play as an alien who arrived on Earth. Unique nutrition and crafting system. Interesting patterns of interaction between aliens and humans. Explore the environment using unique alien capabilities. Beautiful open world map. So, what is ready and what is currently in development? The game is an early stage of development. In the Early Environment Preview below you can see landscape and some inventory features along with nutrition of the alien. The next step will be adding some new animations. When it is ready I plan to add some humans and AI. Early Environment Preview: Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1001960/Zibbs__Alien_Survival/
  10. JohnyBGooD

    GDWC 2018

    Hello everyone! From today and all week long you can vote for Pixelpunk XL in the Game Development World Championship. Here is the link: https://thegdwc.com/
  11. JohnyBGooD

    Pixelpunk XL - Out Now!

    Greetings! I'm happy to announce that Pixelpunk XL has been released today on Steam! I thank all the people who support me and give feedback on my posts. Steam page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/803850/Pixelpunk_XL/
  12. JohnyBGooD

    Gameplay trailer

    Maybe not enough real playtesting at this time. I have sent you a beta test Steam key to the email I found in your profile.
  13. JohnyBGooD

    Gameplay trailer

    Yes, this track will be in the game. The release date is the 20th of April 2018. I have enough feedback at this time, thanks.
  14. JohnyBGooD

    Gameplay trailer

    Hey guys, Here is Pixelpunk XL gameplay trailer:
  15. JohnyBGooD

    Feedback Devlog #7 - Epic and toxic fight with a boss

    Thanks for your feedback.
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