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  1. Well, I wouldn't say pursuing. It's totally fine to write down ideas as they come to you so you don't forget when the time comes. But actively not  working on your current project to work on another one isn't good.  Brainstorming is fine; I've found it can help me get inspired to translate ideas from the next project into my current one so that A: the system is already in place if I use the same engine and B: it may also work in my current project.
  2. Thanks for that, guys. I had a feeling that: A: It was fine for me to do what I've been doing (putting the ideas into a document as they come to me) and B: This community would be awesome and supportive. Glad to be apart of it. :)
  3. I'm in the thick of my third game (first original project) and I've never really had this problem before now: I'm not bored of my current project, I'm actually rather enjoying working on it. But I'm also considering ideas for my next project. I know what I want the game to be and I know what I want it to be about, but the gameplay and the story is still pretty abstract and I enjoy theorizing it and ironing it out.   Here's my question: is it unhealthy or just a bad idea to even think about my next project before the next game is either complete or mostly complete?
  4. Tyler Uslan

    Does puzzle/platformer mean anything to you anymore?

    Considering I'm working on a puzzle/platformer, I would have to say "yes". But I'm also a fan of the genre, so that helps. But I tend to not discount any game based upon genre alone. I don't really like strategy games, but I love Civilization V and Advance Wars. On the other hand, I love platformers, but I didn't really get into FEZ. I didn't dislike it, I actually thought it was a very clever concept; it just didn't really grab me for some reason.
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