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  1. Awesome watch for both pilots and geeks :D
  2. NEMO-UX Shell, a Futuristic computer interface. Would be more amazing if no physical keyboard was in the video :)
  3. Sex Mountain, Indonesia | This is what C# developers are missing. I know, crappy joke :D
  4. 'Goat Simulator' is about to get a whole lot crazier with upcoming MMO expansion | Windows Central
  5. Its last trick will be to make us all disappear :D - AI creates new magic tricks
  6. Character Creation Idea

    Unity has sliders built in in their UI framework. Also, the version in beta (4.6) now has a full fledged editor for UI components :)   Check this video out:
  7.   I suppose that's because most of the ideas came from the books it came from. The way i see it, the story actually ended up creating the RTS genre :)
  8. I have to say you are quite lucky to have friends who are game devs. My main problem with going forward with any project is that, at some point, i just lose momentum :(   Best of luck with both your game and Child 2.0 ;)
  9. Computer stats are fun :) 27,830 key presses, 31,326 mouse clicks, 4d7h45m48s uptime
  10. Want!!! Samurai Kitchen Knife Set | Stylish Kitchen Accessories | Menkind
  11. Why your Games are Unfinished, and What To Do About It

    Very good article on motivation :)   My only disagreement is that you should not write code "a la crazy". I'm not saying you should immediately start optimizing everything and/or adhering to the most perfect code standards and patterns. But clear and well organized code goes a long way to keep you motivated, especially when you start encountering bugs you absolutely need to correct before anyone can play your game properly.   Balance, i say :)
  12. I just uploaded "Johnny Lopes begins his Wingsuit journey" to Vimeo: