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  1. Okay great. Java would be an interesting start as it does apply to more of my web development projects than most of the other options. I like the overlap. ;) Never really liked java stuff on websites though, seems like it always threw my computer for a loop or crashed something.
  2. Any thoughts on Construct 2 versus Game Maker for my needs/desires? That is apparently another well regarded low-programming required program.
  3. Thanks so much, appreciate your input! Is the Game Maker Language something that will benefit me learning for when I want to move up to something like Unity or UDK? Based on C# or something like that, something that will be a relevant first step towards learning one of the 'bigger' languages? Thanks again!
  4. Hello all. Apologize if been asked but I am on an iPod at the moment and unable to find the search feature. I would like to start building games to inspire my daughter a bit and we both love the Zombies at my neighbors/monster shooter type games. Top down perspective and just random environs and characters, dual stick shooters. Anyway, I have been learning web development like HTML and CSS but just very basic. Still I am a perfectionist and can tweak and break a site a thousand times until I get it right and I enjoy it. But I have zero programming knowledge really and have been wanting to start learning practically by building something she and I will enjoy seeing and working on. I do want to eventually play this on my iPod or an Android. I know that will take many months but it will happen, so it's important when it comes to game engine choice. At this point I am thinking Unity but wanted to make sure there wasn't a simpler option I am missing. I am not afraid to have to program, this is how I am learning in fact, but I do want something very friendly because even HTML and CSS was difficult for me to grasp and begin to feel comfortable ish with. I am just a dumb ex Army grunt. ;) But I get there in the end. Sorry to be long winded. First post here and wanted to try and explain exactly what I am looking for and needing and wanting to accomplish for the best advice. And did it on my iPod lol. Ugh. :)
  5. RT @arstechnica: What might have been: Visiting Mars and Venus with Apollo-era hardware