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    Question on isometry

    Pretty much so. Since you need to convert 2D to isometric coordinates and vice versa, it's the same here. So I wondered if there's a description on calculations and transformations that need to be considered for such game.
  2. Hello everyone Just recently, I've got a project of a game that is isometric, but not exactly isometric. I don't know how to exactly call this sort of camera view, and that's the reason for my question. Basically, it's 2D with tilted vertical axis. Taking this picture as an example, it would be the middle dice. As an another example (taken from the same article, which, sadly, doesn't provide necessary information), it would look something like this. In principle of course, the art style will be different. So, the question is - is there any specific information on how to program such a game? And how exactly is this style of isometry called?
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