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    "Don't Eat Fruit" - World Health Organization

    That's an entirely different issue from the obesity problems mentioned in the white paper.  It metabolizes the same, but high concentrations of sugar being eaten - which predominately come from processed and concentrate foods - are stored  - making it extremely hard to burn off. The article is based on rises in obesity and foods that everyone already knows is bad for them.   Either way, too much of anything is a bad thing.  If you eat more than you burn off you store it.
  2. DocBrown

    "Don't Eat Fruit" - World Health Organization

    Did you read the white paper transcript on this?  They're speaking of "Free Sugars".  Sugars that are either artificially added, or those in a concentrate form from a natural resource(such as juices or dried fruits).   This has no bearing on natural sugars that originate from whole foods. 
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