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  1. Second test is a post processing technique similar to Dirty lens effects in Battlefield 3,4,Crysis3 and a few other AAA games but there is something different here,mine is integrated with an Anamorphic effect and is somehow more advanced.   In some games like Battlefield 3 only if you look at the lights you can see this effect but in newer games like Battlefield 4 or Crysis 3 everywhere you can see a bright object you may see this effect,ours will works with any objects too and it will catch the color of objects and this will change the look of it.   Here you can see the screenshots(I didn't make the Dirt texture,I just changed it)             If you see any problem or you think it's nice just don't hesitate to give me some feedback.
  2. Tnx, Our team included 4 full time and 3 part time guys and the only shader programmer is me,your nice comment make lots of energy especially for me.   I try to add a post processing technique tomorrow.
  3. Hi there, This topic is made for showing the first graphical tests of our new game called Predecessors which is developing with Unity 3D engine,right now I can only say that this game is First Person Shooter and it's story is about the near future when an apocalypse has happened already.   Our first test is about skin shading,the screenshot below is taken from inside of Unity and it is rendering realtime,the shader is a little similar to Nvidia's Human Head demo but we just upgraded it to a DX11 shader and added some small features together with some great DX11 features. Some of the most important features of our shader are Phong Tessellation,Displace Tessellation,Subsurface Scattering,Unlimited light and shadows support. There are also many optimization techniques we used such as using only one texture as Gloss map,Depth SSS map and Specular map instead of 3 different textures(the final result wont be different)       This post will be updated with other graphical tests as they become ready. Waiting for your comments.