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  1. Handling time travel from faster-than-light travel

    Time travel to the future or not is a paradox / complex matter. I suggest you don't bother yourself with it, as long as it makes some sense and is presented nicely to the player.   Don't try and solve the logic behind the speed of light. Especially if you don't have at least Ph.D
  2. Aspiring Music Composer

    Hey, I'm new to Gamedev and Music&Sound category. I've recently purchased a Casio keyboard which I hope I'll stick to. I'm planning on studying notes and playing the piano, what I'm also excited about is soundtracks. So here is my attempt to learn how to create and compose music for video-games.   I'm still new and unexperienced but I had to make -SOMETHING- to ease on my excitement.   Here's where you can listen to my very first creation :     I also have a youtube channel just for these kind of things :     Looking forward to improve & publish soundtracks