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  1. Unity 2D

    So I just finished up a Game Jam out on Tokyo and my team made a 2D game. Unfortunately, due to schoolwork, I was unable to really get a chance to learn the Unity2D tools that Unity 4.3 now offers, and so learning them while trying to jam was a problem. Now that I've got some time I'm going to read up and learn what I can. Who else has learned how to use these tools and what tips/pieces of advice do you have?
  2. Unity is a great program to use for programming in c#, is a game engine that is used in the industry, and can use great graphics. All of the documentation for Unity is online, so you can always look up things that might be tripping you up. I've used Unity for many a project and have enjoyed it's feel.   Side note/helpful hint: If you've never programmed a game before, just remember that there might be slight differences in how code should be used, and that like any coding project, its trial and error. Have fun though, your first coding experience with a game is always fun and exciting.
  3. Can text adventure games still work?

    I think that the text adventure games of old are gone, but there is a new wave that is coming through (I'm actually working on an idea right now that I'm going to try and implement for the next Ludum Dare). If you have an iPhone, go check out Bar Oasis, or google it if you don't have one. That's a great example of more common day text adventures.