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  1. tnovelli

    Video headaches

    So the catch is Youtube *embedded* videos are SD by default. They assume it's in a little box on a blog/forum site and nobody's really looking at it anyway. Even on HD they crank up the lossy compression. Nice.
  2. I started making my own models. Easier than I thought. It's really easy to make armor by cloning & scaling parts of the body mesh. Rigging and animation, not so much! :D
  3. tnovelli

    Isometric RPG devlog #2

    Grid -or- text list.   The one nice thing about gridless is that some items can be big and detailed, if you have the artwork for it. (Whatever you do don't try THAT in a gridded inventory, it really sucks!)
  4. tnovelli

    Some new artwork

    Wow, I'll be keeping an eye on this. Just discovered Jagged Alliance this year. Damn cool game, but it does too much, too slow and buggy, too much micromanagement, too damn old, overdue for a worthy successor. Hope you can pull it off :D
  5. Rabies!!! that sucks. At least it's only like 3 shots in the arm now, not 18 in the stomach :D
  6. tnovelli

    Let's make a Survival RPG

    There's something to be said for RPGs with ugly graphics, more symbolic than representational. Not like Spiderweb games, those are too good, there's too much temptation to improve them, and they take too much time away from gameplay development. I'm not saying it should be painful to look at, just to find an aesthetic other than realism.   I really like the idea of a small RPG. There's an expectation that RPGs must have sprawling game worlds, superficial characters, endless combat/looting/leveling, and you'll play months, start over, get bored, and quit. There aren't enough RPGs that you can finish in a few hours, replay 5 or 10 times, and get different outcomes each time. Desert island is a good start...
  7. tnovelli

    KREEP, input is king!

    ROFL "I’m not going to go into a big yakking this time"   I'm trying to think of a better way but I just can't. It always comes down to "what if the player is holding a diagonal?" - there are so many edge cases. (1) They pressed down then left, they've been moving left for awhile, they hit a wall. Stop. (2) They pressed left then down, and there's a wall to the left. Move down. (3) They pressed down then left, and both directions are open. Move left. (4) They pressed down and left in the same cycle, so you don't know which came first... flip a coin?   I was also going to say event-driven input APIs help... but most libs only have a polling API, and dpads are a pain either way.   P.S. - I take the "250ms human reaction time" with a grain of salt. I think that's "pull the trigger when you see the jump scare". If your eye is already tracking an object, you can respond to changes in direction pretty quickly, maybe 50-100ms. And gamers are faster than average.
  8. tnovelli


    hahaha, everybody hates Unity. Unity Desktop, as opposed to Unity3D, I guess we have to distinguish between the two on GDnet...   I've been doing development under Linux for so long I'm pretty lost in Windows, even using the same editor and everything. It's antiquated. Even Macs are just unnecessarily different.. well, like Unity. Mint is allright.. like Ubuntu 10 years ago.. feels like Win7,  sucks less.   With so many people jumping on the Linux bandwagon now it's getting hard to justify doing a Windows build of my game at all. Maybe eventually, if it's still around :D
  9. tnovelli

    NeoCities Is Not Even Close To GeoCities

    Sounds decent if you know HTML. You can really do a lot with JS now.   PHP or a site builder would open a huge can of worms; if they tried to go that route, this site probably would not exist... just like Geocities.
  10. tnovelli

    The No-OOP back to basics experiment

    I'm definitely more productive without OOP baggage. There's practically nothing of value in it. It's a cargo cult we're more or less forced into by trendy language designers and OS/library developers. C++ is not a good language (IMHO), it's merely a path of least resistance, like PHP for webdev. In those languages most of my code does not look very OO-ish.   I've been using C++ for a few years (for the first time since the 1990s when it really sucked), basically just the "C with Objects" subset. Everything "public"; some macros; no Templates, no Exceptions. Initially I had a small inheritance hierarchy for sprite types but that was a mistake; it's all compositional now, sort of "Data Oriented Design" style. I'm also trying to avoid STL now; too many surprises, crazy iterator syntax, and horrible performance for Strings especially (but I do use them at startup and level loading, just in gameplay). I do use methods where they make sense (a function clearly belonging to an object) but I don't think they're "good OOP", they're just one of the few organizational devices available in C++.
  11. Aha.. now I finally know what all this "Creation of Zergification" stuff, which I've never looked at, is all about. Neat :)
  12. tnovelli

    On Software Patents

    Technically you can't patent prior art, public domain or not, as long as it's documented. Unfortunately the USPTO rubber-stamps a lot of new patents it shouldn't, to create jobs for lawyers I guess. IMHO we ought to scrap the whole thing, software and otherwise. I've known a few people who had patents, typically one, and they'd never do it again. It was expensive, time consuming, and futile. For example, one company patents a connector.. so their competitors use slightly different connectors... now you have several non-interchangeable parts where you should have an ANSI standard connector. It's bullshit.
  13. tnovelli


    Cool. I remember Scorched Earth; a classic. You've done a nice take on it. I'd like to see what you can do along the lines of Liero...
  14. tnovelli

    CMake: Changes for Linux

    Interesting. I started using CMake to go the other way around, porting from Linux to Windows.   If you want to get away from Visual Studio you can use CMake with the commandline MSVC compiler, or with MinGW (gcc) or Clang.   MinGW as a cross-compiler under Linux is pretty ideal if you don't even want to touch Windows except for testing. I think Clang is a better compiler but it's more work to set up.
  15. tnovelli

    The GameObject Pooler

    Food for thought, yeah. I don't use Unity but it's interesting to see how you're grappling with static vs dynamic types & pooling. These same issues come up everywhere.
  16. tnovelli

    Seamless models - harder than it looks

    It's not surprising that you needed a little overlap. Glad you solved it.   If you ever get stuck on some other minor graphic glitch, remember: even AAA games have 'em! Always :D
  17. tnovelli

    Strip back the game

    Good decision. Fun > realism.   Is scripting definitely coming back? I ask because I've made enough games in Javascript (where "real code" and scripts are the same thing) to realize that too much scripting freedom tends to make a mess of things. In my current game I only have "fixed functions" coded in C++, and my scripts are just declarative data in a simple text format.
  18. tnovelli

    Small Update - Health UI

    I kinda doubt anyone will really help.. especially if you just post a github link.. but if you post some interesting code snippets here, you might get some decent comments.
  19. tnovelli

    JS Environment and Testing

    Yes, uglifyjs sucks! I've used it for a few games but it's... funky. Try using the http://esprima.org/ libs instead. I haven't yet but @EDIgames has good things to say about it.
  20. tnovelli

    JS Environment and Testing

    And if the thought of installing random JS scripts as root troubles you, you'll soon end up at http://tnovelli.net/blog/blog.2011-08-27.node-npm-user-install.html (just about the only reason anyone visits my site :(). YMMV with OSX.   I did a lot of JS gamedev 3-4 years ago. WebGL wasn't usable, as it had serious driver/browser compatibility problems; supposedly it's better now. Requirejs/AMD will be a problem if it still has the timeout (people with slower connections can't load game); AFAIK that won't be solved until all browsers support html5 modules. Anyway, you're better off using a build script to pack all the JS into one file.   Tools: https://github.com/tnovelli/apparition/blob/master/m - build script example https://github.com/tnovelli/imgpack - simple JS sprite/texture packer   Good luck, you'll need it! :D
  21. tnovelli

    DIY 2D Vector Physics

    Allright @TookieToon @lede, here's the first function in C++, with alias vars... untested :D bool lineIntersection(     double ax, double ay, double bx, double by,     double cx, double cy, double dx, double dy) { double vx,vy, ux,uy, dd,r,s; vx = dx-cx; vy = dy-cy; ux = bx-ax; uy = by-ay; dd = ux*vy - uy*vx; r = ((ay-cy)*vx - (ax-cx)*vy) / dd; s = ((ay-cy)*ux - (ax-cx)*uy) / dd; return (0<=r && r<=1 && 0<=s && s<=1); } Yeah, it figures that my C++ game code is nothing like a direct port of the JS. Sometime I'll do a direct port of that SAT code and upload it to Github. The main difference, the vector functions take a destination first argument instead of returning it. So for example var edge = vsub(v2,v1); becomes double edge; vsub(edge,v2,v1); ...and actually, I've inlined most of that stuff.   I've never found a great notation for vector components. There's "vector swizzling" in GLSL (also possible in Lua) where you can declare vec2 v and then refer to v.x, v.y, but I think it's almost as cluttered as v[0], v[1]. I think I'd prefer automatic suffix generation (vx, vy or v0, v1) even if the declaration is a bit magical. You could probably do it with C++ macros, something like this... #define vectorize(v) double &v#x = v[0], &v#y = v[1] #define vector(v) double v[2]; vectorize(v) bool lineIntersection(double a[2], .....){ vectorize(a); vectorize(b); vectorize(c); vectorize(d); vector(u); vector(v); double dd,r,s;    vx = dx-cx; vy = dy-cy; .... Meh... maybe I'll try it.
  22. tnovelli

    Music FTW

    "It'll only take an hour and it'll make this feel like a real game," I said last week. I was off by an order of magnitude on the first count, but it was worth it. OpenAL streaming is tricky. The Programmer's Guide example was sketchy as hell, so I took an example from the OpenALSoft source, adapted it to use libsndfile to read OGG, FLAC, etc, and rewrote it to fit my game. My original SFX code was crap so I rewrote that too, dropped a dependency (ALURE: fancy C++ OpenAL helper lib), and added a Playlist class and playlist scripting in the scene parser, with per-track repeat count & volume. Good to go! One slight problem when playing OGG: I hear a crackling noise whenever there's a peak (clipping) in the input waveform. I've noticed that in some released games too. I narrowed it down to OGG+sndfile and did some searching... some MuseScore devs figured it out 2 years ago: it's a libsndfile bug that'll be fixed if version 1.026 ever gets released. I could take my chances with the dev version. But... LibSndFile requires libogg & libvorbis which I never got to work in my Windows build; it's trouble. More likely I'll switch to stb_vorbis if it works ok; there'll be some extra buffering complexity between it and OpenAL but it's just one C file. Word. And I did some recording this morning... Here's a preview > https://soundcloud.com/tnovelli/fine-companion I don't know about you but I can listen to that over and over. I think it'll make the final cut for one of the safe (-ish) areas in game. Apparently it's from an early 1600s play about a douchebag slacker guy, however, it reminds me more of the Companion from Firefly... and what RPG would be complete without the oldest of professions? :D 1 down, 5 more like that on my list, and 10+ originals to go... a few in that style, some edgier stuff for dangerous areas, heavy metal for combat, and foreboding silence in the woods, swamps, etc. And... what a difference from the old days! Remember when music was all tinny OPL synths and MOD/S3M/IT?
  23. Chunky. Has character. I like it. Who needs arms? Gameplay, tile/background art, call it a game! :D
  24. tnovelli

    You Aren

  25. tnovelli

    Narrative-Gameplay Dissonance

    Interesting. Game narrative can be frustrating indeed. I'm particularly thinking of "rail shooters" with a single storyline or a few branches, where "gameplay" consists of shooting baddies and moving to the next map marker to advance the linear narrative. Or CYOA games where narrative is entirely determined by dialogue choices.   My current project does the opposite of what this article advises: narrative is tightly wedded to, and subservient to, gameplay. Conversations merely provide feedback for the player's actions, so they're short conversations with few choices. I try to leave as much as possible to the imagination. Guideline: "Imagination > Action > Cinematics > Narrative". Actions can have drastic consequences; it's possible to win or lose in 10 minutes. It's a short-play RPG with many possible outcomes so that should be ok. It's an experiment anyway.
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