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  1. Am CS student , and I really don't want what is graphics ?? Is it writing codes or math ??? What should I expect ??
  2. Now I know engines take years to make , am just interested in the concept of how do u make and engine and what do u use in making one ?? I am in my 2nd year of CS and so far can't relate how programmers make game engines ??
  3. Found this one ign: http://me.ign.com/en/unreal-tournament-f2p/88524/news/epic-games-giving-away-unreal-engine-4-free-to-stu Just wish there was more details , if some1 has link that contains more details about this please post it , it would be awesome for my school to get this
  4. thanks guys , i hope its not that hard to study though
  5. How hard is AI

    just wondering how hard is it , and more stuff about it cuz i got course about it in Uni
  6. 1. what is the must have in game programming team ?? example : programmers ..duh / animators ....etc 2. how console programming different from normal game programming ?? or pc game programming
  7. ok  yes am new at this , and just wondering what is graphics and how is it programmed i know that i will take a course in graphics in uni ( am CS major) so just need to know more about it ??
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