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    Looking to Hire a Team

    First off I really want to thank all of you for the amazing insight and support you have given me. Thank you for taking the time to help me and give me direction in this venture.   csliva that is excellent information. I have discovered that this is the direction I need to go. Everything you said is spot on with what I have been discovering.   cardinal, what can I say but WOW!!! Thank you for being so direct and giving me so much information!! In regards to making this game I have heard and read some information in regards to Unity. COuldnt I make a bigger game with all the assets the Unity store can provide me and how efficient that engine seems to be at making games? It looks like something along the lines of a smaller version of Legend of Zelda can be produced with a small team and some financial investment using Unity. Am I correct in that regard? This is what someone else suggested on another forum:   "I've made a couple of small games with little to no budget. Lately I've been lucky to have a little money to spend and I've found, especially for the individual working alone, Unity is a great source if your looking for ease and speed of development on the cheap. The asset store is unbelievably cheap(compared to the cost of hiring someone to produce the content) and often if you contact the artist/designer of a model or rig they will make you something custom ( or at least different enough to not look like the same thing that's in another game) for a fairly reasonable price. Seriously, for under $1000 you an get some major resources that would equate to hundreds of hours of dev time."   Once again thank you for all the information you gave it is absolutely awesome and just what I needed to work through.   Tom Sloper Sorry I didnt realize how terrible it looked posting that message the way I did. I wasn't trying to do anything else but get information. Thank you for not booting me and for moving this to a different forum!! Also thank you for the information you provided as well!!   HeroBiX A game design document....Great Idea!!! Like I said I dont know anything about this but it looks like I need a team already assembled to start working on a design document. What do you think? Or should I just do one anyway? And yes what you said helps and also makes me really curious about what I can actually do with Unity. I think I need to call the people at Unity and see if they have any resources for someone like me.   Thank you again everyone for all the help!!
  2. I currently have the funding available to produce my own video game. Now I have never done anything like this but I have the vision and all the ideas. I dont have any exoerience in building games from any real perspective except that I have been playing them since I was 9 and I am now 40. I know what I want and I am an experienced business man. I have around $250,000 available and I want to use the Unreal Engine. WHats my first step to finding talented programmers, artists, sound engineers, etc...? I want to make an episodic adventure game based on the Hebrew Scriptures. But I want them to look and feel like Assassins Creed or Bioshock Infinite but I want strong world ineraction and heavily driven story.    1. Is it reasonable to try and develop this kind of game in 6 months with this kind of investment? Even if its a Beta that we release? 2. How many programmers, artist would I need? (Rough guesstimate at best?) 3. Would I also need to hire a game designer?? 3. How should I ago about posting for this so that it appears legit. I really intend to do this even though I dont have experience in making a game. 4. Do you think my inexperience will be a hindrance even though I have the money and office space and equipment?   Anything else you cna pass my way to me get started would be great!!
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