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  1. what is the appeal of fps games?

    Some games makes your last bullet kill, so dont reload before you shot the last bullet wich is very powerfull. Stand around and watch how fast you die, half of the games you dont die, only after they emptying 3 magazines on you. The biggest point for me is the loading, if you take rage anargy edition on PS3, it is unplayable because of all the waiting and loading. Some games are really good, this makes a good game : if you die you dont have to load the whole level again, only when going to next map. Imagine you play a hard map you dont know yet : you die in 1 second, then you have to load 1 minute again to die in 1 second again. Maybe on PC it dont matters very much. I think the developers only play on PC not from CD, so they dont see the horrible loading times. PC players are a different breed then console players, only not for long since VR is here now.
  2. 3D Wall Collision(or 3D collision in general)

    Same as the floors.
  3. General game structure when prototyping / implementing a game

    Its hard to say what is : gameobject. I personally dont pass anything, no device nothing, keep it all global. Why would you pass device, because its in the examples ?, no pass is less typing.
  4. How to learn from Quake source code

    So what i mean : for windows without directx compared then its better to use DOS. the end, all agree.
  5. How to learn from Quake source code

    For the non believers : why do directx exists if dos was not better then windows for game programming back in the days.
  6. How to learn from Quake source code

    Think what ?, DOS better then Windows ?, or why DirextX exists ? Its both true, why do you think something else ?
  7. How to learn from Quake source code

    Quake was for DOS. DOS is way better for game programming then Windows, thats why DirectX exists to make fast games. So as it looks now you have to learn not only Quake code, you also have to learn the Windows API, and DirectX API. Maybe for your own learning purpose you could use DOS ?, i dont know if that is still possible.
  8. btw : i had ( never finished ) my shooter game demo let the AI play only ( non playable demo ), now i think it is to complex ( even if its simple, its more work ), try to release a normal game first.
  9. I understand playstation also stopped giving demo`s of games because it dont works, then people already know your game, and dont need to buy it anymore. Please correct me if i,m wrong.
  10. 2D Camera Jitters

    Floats are not accurate.
  11. 3D I like to learn about BSP rendering

    Ok, will try, only how big does the LUT will be ?, maybe also needs interpolation. btw : i am trying the ::SetPixel function, i,m getting only 1 frame per second, terrible. Gonna search how to access the buffer now.
  12. How do i access the sound buffer for win32 ?

    Ok, thanks, especially the part : it works.
  13. 3D I like to learn about BSP rendering

    I think i can make the whole example integer now, only 1 thing left : calculate the distance. the example uses sqrt() with floats, so i need to work around that to use 32 bit integers only, any idea someone ?
  14. 3D I like to learn about BSP rendering

    Thank you very much for the code, i also look at this book online, very nice info. i will copy the code and look how i can use it. btw : what is orn3x3.TinvVec in your code ?
  15. How do i access the sound buffer for win32 ?

    Thanks all, i will look into it, How about windows XP ?
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