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  1. MMO development (Help)

    If some hacker comes up, you loose all money and your closed.
  2. Advice or help for beginner making games on old PC.

    As long as the compiling goes fast enough, then your PC is good.
  3. Advice or help for beginner making games on old PC.

    I am busy with the same : on windows XP. I use C++ and DX9 for 2D games in 3D graphics. If you want to draw lines : tic tac toe, card games, casino, then you can use win32 to make a game without smooth animations to learn things, i recommend this first before you add DX9. On old PCs you learn more then a fast PC, you will be very good in optimizing performance.
  4. Textures in Directx 11

    Your UV coordinates in your mesh are flipped ( U coordinate ).
  5. Need help in creating quest/mission/task.

    Then next time if you ask for something please mention what u have installed.
  6. Need help in creating quest/mission/task.

    Suppose i give you the system, where do you wanto implement it in ?, you have no project ? Start with installing a compiler ?
  7. Need help in creating quest/mission/task.

    It takes very long to make yourself a whole game. This site is divided in sections for : programmers, artists, music artists etc. If you have good stuff programmers are happy to make a game with your things. To bad i dont do fantasy stuff if you had mech/space stuff i can help you for a 2D game.
  8. Need help in creating quest/mission/task.

    If you dont have anything on screen yet, best thing is to hook up with some persons who can and show them what you got for now.
  9. Need help in creating quest/mission/task.

    If you have the graphics done, howcome you cannot do such a simple thing ? With the map graphics vertex coordinates you could make a small map. You need only 1 location at once ?, that is very simple without complicated stuff. You could make a compass, its only 2D coordinates, very simple with arc tangus. Ok maybe you mean : i can make graphics in blender / 3Dmax, not the engine coding part ? You best make a map editor and fill it up with some meshes.
  10. Resources to get good at math?

    Math is no good for your head. I,m lucky my brother can do and still studys complicated maths, i,m better at programming ( its not the same ).
  11. Resources to get good at math?

    If you know exactly what you need : why not ask someone who can do the math for you.
  12. 2.5D Engine?

    2.5D is perfect sayd, i needed to read this topic because i instantly understanded what it is. Professional dont cry that it exists now, you only making 3D for money, the gameplay sucks, here is why : a joystick / gamepad is 2D. You need to make your own engine, is way better, without all the stuff you dont need + extra stuff you need. By example look at Mighty n0 9, made with unreal engine, its a realy crap made game because of wrong engine. If you made yourself you could limit the timer to a certain framerate, will cause slowdown instead of huge steps. In 3D you dont see shocks very much, and all threads working slower and faster then eachother. You know : you ride your car in a wall, after a while you get set back, we cant have that in a 2D game, its bad. 3D has many of these things that are impossible to have in a 2D game, they dont mind, they just look at the money. Many things are not made for the performance and stability you need for a good shooter. You cannot play online a shootemup, impossible, all bullet counts as 1 player, you need 0 ping. Ok in new unreal tournament they have lots of bullets on screen, i dont know what trick they use to have all that.
  13. Is starting with gamedev too much?

    It is easy, only what do you want : something windows ?, that is more difficult, alot to learn. Get your project where you can program in, and forget all the windows codes, later you can adjust. Dont forget, test every aspect, add small things and test and fix before adding big things, testing cost more time then programming.
  14. Disable texture needed ?

    Hi, i am using a vertexbuffer with vertices without texture, it seems i have to do : SetTexture( 0 , NULL ); Why is the texture displayed without this ?, even with vertices without texture. Am i nothing doing wrong ? thanks
  15. IDirect3DDevice9::ColorFill is not compiling

    Hi, i already found it, i had included D3DX9.h not D3D9.h now i included both and it compiles, only it still dont work, maybe i make another topic for that.   It is weird, the device was working, only a function of the device not. thanks for the reply