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  1. It is easy, only what do you want : something windows ?, that is more difficult, alot to learn. Get your project where you can program in, and forget all the windows codes, later you can adjust. Dont forget, test every aspect, add small things and test and fix before adding big things, testing cost more time then programming.
  2. Hi, i am using a vertexbuffer with vertices without texture, it seems i have to do : SetTexture( 0 , NULL ); Why is the texture displayed without this ?, even with vertices without texture. Am i nothing doing wrong ? thanks
  3. Hi, i already found it, i had included D3DX9.h not D3D9.h now i included both and it compiles, only it still dont work, maybe i make another topic for that.   It is weird, the device was working, only a function of the device not. thanks for the reply
  4. Hi, i am using DX9. i try to colorfill a surface, only the compiler dont comiles ColorFill, it dont exists. In the documentation it does exist. device->ColorFill( surface , &rect , 0 );   I already included D3D9.h and D3D9.lib, why the compiler dont recognize it ? thanks in advance
  5. Also look in the future, they maybe change with 4K or 8K, still will be close hopefully.   I make 4:3 oldschool aspect also possible, with black rectangles up and down of the screen, i dont know if i wanto support it in my new to make engine, since "gamers" use 16:9. With 4:3 ratio with black beams gives space to place health bar, score & item inventory, to keep the game part clean, problem is you have to program more, and get slower fps.
  6. Hi, for a 2D game, you can use sinf & cosf, multiply that by the distance, add this to your player coordinates, now you have your rotated gun position,   You should learn about matrices, a matrix contains position and rotation, in DX9 there are functions to change & rotate stuff.
  7. Be smart, dont give exclusives just like that to anyone. If you need help building a recording studio you can always ask me what to buy, analog gear sounds much better.
  8. Thanks for the reply`s For the toolkit i see no download for XP & Win7, maybe i stay with old trusty DX9,   only it would be very handy to make stuff myself, i might understand things better for optimizing. That means i have to make a blender export plugin, i bet there are enough examples for that in C.   I use vertexbuffer for the LevelMesh, only indexbuffer i dont know exact how it works, it seems i need it for the models. And skinned animation is something i would like, only i dont wanto get involved in these seperate shader files for animations, i want everything done in 1 source code file, not learn a new shader language on top, i dont know if that is possible ?
  9. Sorry : nothing special, i better make my own music.
  10.   Oh, does D3DXMesh still exists ?, do you have to figure out now yourself how it works ?, thanks for the examples then. I still use DX9, i wanto upgrade to a better version maybe if its better, i still use XP, visual C++ 2005, can i install a better DirectX with that ? I dont wanto download a free compiler since i have professional package and can legally sell with this eventually.
  11. How about it Caleb ?, no textures yet ? Make more ships and contact me to make game. greetings
  12. Hi, i know Hodgman, i like to make a very simple game for once, nothing more. Microsoft makes all that stuff in dll, so you cannot see the actual codes and maths. By example they have this nice function also : CheckIntersect.   I was planning on using all the DirectX stuff, i dont know how to make all functions myself, i better wanto avoid all, only i dont know how ? Ok a 3d fileformat aint that hard to make. I,m also gonna use the fixed pipeline, i realy have no clue else what to do, i,m a total beginner with the goal of making some games. I only wanto invest 1 year for all music/artwork/programming.   The big problem is that i cannot optimize the functions i use : adding integer math / adding lookuptables.
  13. Hi, thanks for the reply`s. Looks like i can use Blender without problems when reading Scouting Ninja`s post. The UV coordinates has unwrap ?, that is very nice, if i have to, i will fill in the UV coordinates manually since i only do low-poly stuff. The boolean is also not perfect in 3dMax, still have to remove sudden vertices sometime, it is a very nice inspiring usable feature for the rest, max aint perfect also, especially if you look to the price. There are always other methods to make the same without boolean, and will be more perfect, so i can live with that. I,m surely i going to use Blender, if i have some question i will post them in this forum. thanks
  14. Hi, i was planning on using Blender in the future, is it bad compared to 3dmax ?, i,m used to 3dMax. The good thing is that it supports .X files for use with DirectX.   thanks
  15. Also try keep the shape close to a box / square for simple collision detection. Some ships are usable for horizontal scroller, some fit a vertical shooter better, for vertical shooter is harder to make, especially with wings sticking out, its hard to make it fit perfect in game with rolling movements.