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  1. the incredible smoker

    Are you Ready to develop game using Unity3d ?

    I dont know, i want to help my friend with unity, if he starts his program i only see C# code, you can not fill in any C++ code. They should support C++ in the unity edittor without extra stuff, i,m not going to search the whole internet if something might be possible and try additional downloads, it is not for my own game and not on my own computer. I am certainly not going to learn C# because unity say so, i program C and C++ they should understand.
  2. the incredible smoker

    Are you Ready to develop game using Unity3d ?

    Why dont they support C++ ?
  3. the incredible smoker

    Savegames and backward compatability

    You could make a seperate program for converting your savefile to new format. This way you dont have all codes in your game, it becomes messy fast, since you also dont program much i would not recommend all the hassle. Focus more forward then backward.
  4. the incredible smoker

    Developing my own game engine vs. using a commercial game engine

    The thing is you also build a level edittor if you have a game engine, also takes time. And its true you eat out of the programmers hands, because you are not allowed to change anything in the engine. A good engine would allow you to change and sell whatever you like without charge, and also not hidden in ".DLL" files so you can edit any code. I also seen/heard that you also can compile for mac on a windows machine, that is one of the things the engines have : cross platform compatibility. I would love to compile my windows game so it works on any computer from game console to mac.
  5. the incredible smoker

    Developing my own game engine vs. using a commercial game engine

    It takes as long as programming your own basic engine that you understand then to get to the bottom of a available game engine. If you dont know what a game engine is you still need to get started with avaiable engine to learn about game engines in general.
  6. the incredible smoker

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    Amerika started these wars to install ATM banking ( they want 1 global coin ), now that the war is started they can let anyone pay this way ?
  7. the incredible smoker

    Requirements for a sound artist in Games

    I,m going in the studio this year for recording sound effects for my game, [offer of work deleted by moderator] Ask for hardware only. Else take the one with the biggest modular wall : [removed by moderator] Please note that i dont have such a wall.
  8. the incredible smoker

    UDP Confusion c++ sockets

    Intresting topic, i also need to get started with UDP. I dont know any UPD, i thought u have to send all player coordinates all the time, and discard older packages. For text i dont know how they would fix. Subscribed
  9. the incredible smoker

    As a game dev, what are you most afraid of?

    You forgot democracy & kapitalism.
  10. You have the SDK from illegal source, you are not even allowed to have that SDK,
  11. All joysticks has a name, so you could remember all previous configured settings if you like.
  12. You have to support gamepads with unlimited buttons. Just flag your buttons to the maximum number of buttons you use (-1). Suppose i wanto support 2 buttons, for what gamepad dont matter, the buttons are repeating. You only have to assign buttons to a function in the menu, press fire button, press bomb button, or assign a function to button A or B
  13. the incredible smoker

    How to react when people say my game looks like shit?

    Because my game looks so shit i need some crap music with it.
  14. the incredible smoker

    How to react when people say my game looks like shit?

    I always say my games look crap in advance.
  15. Give me the arcade style over graphics. These graphic games i dont know if you should call them games or movies ? When i play games i mostly press start on the story scenes. Can we have arcade style games with good graphics please ? When you say : this or that, you mean graphics over many enemys ? Take a look at grand turismo, they made the same game with more detailed cars, only the ammount of cars in 1 games was lowered, that is a bad thing, they should have made the cars look like a lada, with 100 players if you ask me.
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