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  1. Multiverse theory

    I bet you would know what those standards are, and considering it takes experience to establish a "standard" for something, it seems you are a regular troll somewhere. Good advice you should be following.
  2. Multiverse theory

    It's not proof of the big bang, in fact, it's actually a problem. It can't, scientists do and they do get it wrong and that's bad science e.g. evolution. The situation evolutionists face, not moi. To who? Ha ha, you're the one that's assuming there's sufficient evidence. To evolutionists, the center of the earth is technically made of kittens, or at least, the thing that made the thing they believe is their "common ancestor".
  3. Multiverse theory

      Not sure why going into a black hole would yield any evidence of the big bang (OK, well, in fact it wouldn't yield any evidence of anything at all; that's sort of the idea of a black hole), but I'm also not really sure why you'd want more evidence that the big bang is true. You assume that it's true. I know the "light years stuff". It's not proof of the big bang.
  4. Multiverse theory

    If only "chance" and "nothing" could create anything Isn't the M-theory the same theory that supports "nothing creating something"?
  5. Multiverse theory

    ... the big bang is true. You wouldn't be referring to the M-theory now, would you?
  6. Multiverse theory

    No, but there was something I read a while back which pointed at certain aspects of the CMB as being possible imprints of where our universe 'bumped' into another one or three Riiiight, "bumped" into "another one or three" which came from?
  7. Multiverse theory

    Did some explorer fess up and enter those darn blackholes and take photos of those so-called other universes thereby proving there might be some truth in the big bang or the multiverse theory?
  8. A team for beginner

    You're bored making mini games? Start making "midi" games. When you get bored doing that, start making "maxi" games.
  9. Game Engine Pratical Books

    I don't like RPGs (assuming you're referring to that have several modules on the lower/left/right part of screen indicating life, supplies etc. or those you have to press the mouse/touchpad/screen or those that have a weird top view or giant circles on the player) or "old school 2d games" or FPS games. I prefer 3d open world games, racing games, simple 2.5d (?) games like temple run and those few like angry birds. ---
  10. Game Engine Pratical Books

    Thank you for confirming my view of it.
  11. Re-factoring For a Beginner

    Irrelevant but notice "it should be written in lowercase with an intial capital, that is, "Lua". Please do not write "LUA"... So, please, write "Lua" right!" LUA - Lovely Universal Airport?
  12. Game Engine Pratical Books

      Only if all you care about is Windows. If you want to target linux, MacOS, Android, iOS, etc. then DirectX is useless. For me, it's Windows and Android. But it's not up to me.
  13. Game Engine Pratical Books

      1. This book is on my wishlist :) Only cons is that it use DirectX so it is not portable on other operating systems. DirectX is more ... um ... standard. You could make a DirectX engine first and then add OpenGL support later on. :)
  14. Game Engine Pratical Books

    1. 3d Game Engine Programming 2. Others
  15. Game Engine Pratical Books

    Check out Cybereality. The guy is making an engine too.
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