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  1. borrowing other games/mods art for prototyping

    Thanks for the links. But back to my question. Is there a 3d game that has its model and texture format already in a format 3ds max or blender can load? I don't want to manually convert each file. Thanks.
  2. I'm making a list of art assets I would need to prototype pretty much any 3d game idea I have. I find that when working with an artist on a team a lot more inspiration comes when the artist completes art and It keeps me in the right train of thought for creating the game. so...   I want to use assets from other games or mods just for prototyping until I have some dedicated artists to pump out art to totally replace that art and have a finished game. I wouldn't even post screenshots with the prototype art because people would troll all day.   So my question is. What is one of the easiest 3d games to create a pipeline of art export into either 3ds max, blender, or unity (unity is what im using). I need it to be real quick and easy to export as much art as possible. Any suggestions?   I'm thinking a game that has been modded like crazy would be easiest. But I've tried HL2 and its been quite annoying getting the art into 3ds max or unity formats (you need to manually convert each model and texture ect...).   Thanks in advance.