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    What should I do next?

    Personally I like SFML, it provides you with everything you need to make games at any level. It's very straightforward and intuitive with a neat object oriented design, and support for graphics and audio. And they have good tutorials
  2. KamilKZ

    [Car Physics] Turbochargers and friends

    The 'science' behind backfires is that they usually occur due to a bad air-fuel-ratio. Such as the engine running rich when it's air starved (eg when boost pressure drops via blow off valve and the ecu adds more fuel than it needs). They can also occur due to ignition timing. Both the AFR and timings change while the engine is running, and sometimes the changes might not keep up with the engine speed causing backfire.   It's also explained here:  Note he talks about anti lag systems using ignition timing to actually cause backfire and keep the turbo spooling.
  3. KamilKZ

    [Car Physics] Turbochargers and friends

    I think most games fake a turbocharger by just having a pressure readout and blow off valve flutter on gear change; the torque values are from a torque curve. If you want a simple approximation, you could have two torque curves, one for the torque values with 0 turbo pressure, and another on top for what the turbo adds at maximum pressure, and have a simple spooling function. If you are talking about the simulation of a turbo, simulating exhaust gases flow, and manifold pressures etc., I have no idea on how to do that but that is overkill for a game.   I'm busy but I will try to answer the other questions later if noone else does
  4. -snip- I'm an idiot: didn't see this was AngelCode
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