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  1. The idea of mixing JRPG and Western RPG's into one game?

      Also, I've finally gotten through development of my idea. It's on its way! :D thanks to all of you who replied to my thread!!!!
  2. The idea of mixing JRPG and Western RPG's into one game?

    This was nearly a year ago o _ o I didn't even know what a "SandPark" was when i made this thread...   Surprising how i knew before the genre became known.   Didn't even copyright it...damn. lol
  3. The idea of mixing JRPG and Western RPG's into one game?

      Sorry about dragging out an old point from the thread, but I'm late to the discussion:   For the longest time, I've had this concept of making a "real time" RPG where the player interacts with the world as it plays out its natural cycle.  I most certainly agree that it would be a Herculean sized task to write out all the possibilities, but not impossible.  The timeline story system I came up with I call "Nexus" as every major event is a Nexus Point of change in the world's history where the future storylines diverge. (A decisive battle,  weather or not a scientist succeeds in detonating his superweapon,  maybe if Hitler didn't get elected, etc...)  The player can directly affect the outcomes of Nexus Events through direct intervention (Leading the Attack), or indirectly by affecting variables that influence the outcome of a Nexus Event (not healing the potential future NPC War Hero a week before so he died, also not getting the shipment of magical talismans in time to the front).  Win or lose, the story continues along the available Nexus Event Paths to an eventual conclusion at the end of the timeline.   Of course, I haven't ever done anything with this system besides daydream about it.  But judging from the discussion in this thread, the idea's time has come.  I'm eager to see what anyone can make of it.  If I ever get my motivation up to make an RPG, I'd certainly like to make one with a Nexus Event driven storyline.     That actually sounds like an interesting idea. Of course, I've taken a break from this post to actually start practicing gameplay ideas and concept i have in mind. You're not late to this discussion, it's still open haha. I'd like to see what other people's thought's are still as i'm still committed into creating something even though i've been told so many times that it'd be a massive task. I'm starting small and figuring out different concepts right now within a small rpg story i'm creating at this moment.   P.S: I don't want this post to become old!  
  4. Storyline plots + goals for JRPG+western Hybrid Concept

      I'm going to try and design something less ambitious so i don't complicate anything. If i take banishment into a lighter context, it'd be evacuation right? Which would give me the first bit of the character's story ( Initial incident B most likely )     Looking at the word 'tangible'. The antagonist would need to be easily contacted or recognized. And taking out all the political things, i'd be left with war and monsters. Seeing that my character would be a soldier, do you think it'll be easier to make the antagonist the actual general or leader? Although i'm pretty skeptical about going down a War path I'd feel more better just taking war out altogether lol     It actually was just me writing down some sort of story and seeing if it could fit :) And i'm in love with the ''whole characters relating to what's going on'' thing as i actually would like to have it as a main emotional core. For example, why you'd want to sit down and actually watch a cutscene or read a piece of dialogue.
  5. Storyline plots + goals for JRPG+western Hybrid Concept

      I see you just like aliens haha :3          To be honest, most of my dark-edgy type stuff have become too complicated or boring EVEN TO ME haha and i'm not against cheerful stories with so much emotion like comedy and romance etc. so i'll try it Now it's my turn to introduce myself. I'm a college student in london (College is different than in US where college for us starts at 16+ just to avoid any age misunderstandings) and i'm studying games and animation ( so you see why i'm so into what i post haha ) and it's true about what they say, the dark-edgy stuff is interesting but too dark and edgy and my teacher always encourages us to make him laugh or cry ( to push us to create emotional things ) and it kinda relates to games. If a game can make me laugh or cry i'm automatically attached to that game ( I also love watching comedy, comedy in games and being comedic) so doing something opposite from dark might make it easier on me. OBVIOUSLY NOT MAKING IT FEEL LIKE A FLUFFY, SUGAR AND CANDY STUFFED GAME. But an adventure worth going on.         This actually sounds good as a structure. Of course changing some things up so it doesn't feel like a cliched story-line and game, some points i actually liked and would love to make as my base and just adapt off from it. As if i follow your likes and dislikes dead on i'd basically be making a game fit just for YOU! haha but yeah, this feels as though i could work from this a little and just change the bits that fit and don't fit in the story i'm going for. If that all makes sense x _ x   EDIT: I'm going for a low-fantasy setting but subtly putting it there where i see fit.
  6. The idea of mixing JRPG and Western RPG's into one game?

      Which means i should stray away from my concept all together and come back with something else because further and further down the line i'm finding it hard to even enjoy my game MYSELF right now, so i see what you mean.         I've actually been having this in mind. keeping my motivation on '' what makes characters so loved? hated? '' and such. But character's are easy to create if i work on them. But a story is harder and i'm actually thinking about a story first before adapting it, but it's hard of course.         I've kept this in mind too. I've been trying to hard to make my game original but it's becoming more complicated than original in which most Silent hill stories become when trying to be original. (even though SH isn't RPG lol)         I've been taught tons about creating characters. Most people feel emotional attachment simply because it relates to real people. Making a character so O.P is epic to some but ridiculous to others, i'm the ''others''. Like how i can relate to Gohan because he's a family oriented person while Goku doesn't appeal to me, even though he's epic and all he's ridiculously O.P (again dragonball z isn't a known RPG but a fighting game lol i need to stop making references to other genres but it makes sense right?)         That's the rule i'm going by all through my game! AVOID AS MANY CLICHES AS POSSIBLE MUAHAHAHA   EDIT: thanks for the reply though, i felt this really helped me in terms of story. Other replies were in terms of gameplay which also helped to a certain extent.  
  7. Storyline plots + goals for JRPG+western Hybrid Concept

      So doing something like banishment would only work if it's in an alien colony like how you described? o _ o? Any storyline's you think i should consider doing or should i go back and rethink? lol
  8. Storyline plots + goals for JRPG+western Hybrid Concept

    Straight to the point: You're trying to fight this corrupt government.
  9. (c) Silentcupidz All Rights Reserved.   This is just showing my train of thought of a possible story idea for my concept. The post is here:     Modern/political/War   Ex - soldier because he was banished for treason   (WHY?) The government is actually from another faction, as they killed the old government a long time ago and they have just been feeding the citizens lies. so character Kills one of the government parties because they wanted to bring back a monster that they'd control to enslave the city. Government keeps it quiet and goes on to tell the town that he is a rogue soldier that didn't want to follow orders in which he had to go on a mission to bring back materials from another faction that will save the city from any dangers such as; Wars Apocalypse attacks etc. And so this rogue soldier wanted to betray the city and not let them live on. Knowing the character has seen this truth, they banish him off the land with the cover up story.   (SO WHY DIDN'T THEY JUST KILL YOU?) They didn't kill him because the government before them have already laid down laws that soldiers should not be killed as it's not a certain punishment (Government was very philosophical) and so all soldiers must suffer and be banished from land or kept imprisioned. But the new government have no plans for character and citizens perfer banishment than imprisonment as they were brought up to believe so. New government can not make changes because of a decree that only elder judges can change the public laws and since the new government have killed off every party before them, they have no choice but to also follow these laws. inviting everyone to a ceremony to declare these laws will be too risky as they don't want to show there faces as they will have to explain the 'departure' of the old party and that might start a revolt towards them and they need as much recruits as they can for their plan to work. So following the rules will avoid this entirely. (This faction is known for intellectual war strategies) The goal for the character is to stop the government in his hometown from creating this monster and enslaving everyone. Which can be done by:   (EDIT: I've only wrote down a goal idea and haven't fully read over any quirks)   1. Persuading other factions to join him in fighting the government (which goes horribly wrong and it just turns out to be a huge war fight, also finding out that you're too late and the government finishes the monster and summons it and so you and your party have to then kill the monster '' the super solider''. your character's party numbers depend on your choices)    I apologize if it doesn't make sense to you, i'll try explain what i was thinking. if you kinda understood the background story for my concept then thank goodness! lol   I'd appreicate any replies, advice or any changes i should make to the idea as it'll help me out ALOT right now!
  10. The idea of mixing JRPG and Western RPG's into one game?

      Well if you had thanksgiving, i hope you had a good one.         Yeah i'm actually thinking of my story at this very moment in time. i do have a post in here somewhere of one of my ideas:   EDIT: (I want it to be related to a modern political theme but in fantasy setting. which is why banishment sounded good. Like how Mass effect and Final Fantasy XII use this setting, i want to bring it more forward, for example. Imagine earth was merged into fantasy? you know?)  
  11. The idea of mixing JRPG and Western RPG's into one game?

      Ahh I totally forgot about that because most people in the UK (that i know of) do not celebrate thanksgiving so that theory totally slipped my mind! haha         Although i'd probably describe it to be an interactive story core + Sandbox customization peripherals myself. I wouldn't want to take this concept down a MMO path, since MMO's are quite lazy in a sense that most people don't play it for the story and secondly MMO's take a long time to complete. Don't get me wrong, games in general take a considerable while to finish but MMO's are just not ''up my alley'' to create. Even though i've played quite a few of them. (Tera, Aion and WoW - The other's are just copycats to WoW)   I want to take my story into a more serious territory and immerse players into the game for the story rather than the quests and other things to do. That's why my concept right now requires heavy decision trees etc. Because my core element is the STORY then the GAMEPLAY.   Although it doesn't mean i won't put any effort into GAMEPLAY. I want my gameplay to be a fun aspect as you enjoy the story obviously.
  12. The idea of mixing JRPG and Western RPG's into one game?

      Taking my concept in mind, i went over it with a few friends interested in the concept and they told me of doing a ''banishment'' or ''redemption'' story. Where you have lost respect of the community and so you are banished from there, but at the end they need you back or something. most of the characters you meet hate you because of what you have done. And so you go on with these characters trying to understand each other as a group etc. Which i felt went with my modern theme and party attachment core element. but what do you think? i figure it sounds a little superhero-esqe
  13. The idea of mixing JRPG and Western RPG's into one game?

      Do you mean working backwards so no matter what happens i'd end up with a few ''ending'' possibilities? and by ''converge'' wouldn't that make a dna effect? meaning it'll branch out then come back in then branch out again?
  14. The idea of mixing JRPG and Western RPG's into one game?

      I actually did consider that! :)     obviously, i described something different than making an overarching story line. But i basically mentioned the fact of some kind of overarching story line. But as Erik stated in #5:     Having an overarching story will need to happen, but with the concept i'm going for, i think making all those decision trees along the line of the story would take a large amount of branches from what i got from him. Doesn't mean i won't do it if all else fails. I was thinking of having an ''ultimate goal'' come from your party than from the actual story.If that makes sense? or would that just confuse things?
  15. The idea of mixing JRPG and Western RPG's into one game?

        I'll be sure to give these games a go considering the fact that they both have concepts that i can adapt from. although they seem simple, i can still get an idea on how i can start my story. Pros n Cons lol