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  1. well. In game maker i think i realized that if I am moving at .75, I'm actually not moving the first frame, but i am the next, to x=1 (1.5) then 2 (.75+1.5=2.25) then again 3 (3.00) BUT NOT this next one, (3.75), so every 4th frame my character is stopping.. that's the problem im running into with moving at .75. I dont have a ton of option when it comes to movement speed. i gotta keep it whole numbers to prevent character jerkyness, and same for camera to prevent room jerkyness. Atleast thats how it seems, if the player moves 3 pixel per 60 frames its too quick for the retro style 640x360 room.  (althought 2 isn't terrible), but 3 is just way to fast.. but those are my options.. like 2 legit options.. 1 and 2. and with the diagonal running 1 pixel per second is my only real option, 2 is too fast. I think I have to scale my game to 1920x1080, so that each my 32x32 sprites are actually 96x96.. making 1 pixel movement slow.. 2 faster, 3 normalish.. and making 2 be the diagonal speed.. 
  2. I use Game Maker, I don’t think the medium matters in regards to the problem. So please read. Notes: Resolution: 640x360 (16:9)  ,  Up Scale x3: (1920:1080)  ,  Game Speed: 60 FPS Context: At my game speed the player moves at 1 fps, up down left and right. If I tell my player to move right and up, it processes 1 pixel up and right. Diagonally moving at a faster pace than the 1 pixel pace (for x+1 and y+1).So, I scale diagonal to .75 so the pace feels more natural. Problem: When the camera is on the player directly, up down left and right is very smooth(1 pixel per frame as per movement speed), but when the player is moving diagonally at a fraction(.75) of a pixel the camera gets extremely jerky and becomes an eye soar. If I implement code that lerps or makes the camera more dynamic moving along decimals of x and y. the camera moves much smoother but, the game starts to get seams and sprites move out of unison with the tiles for a fraction of a moment, creating skewing that I don’t like at all. Analysis: With a low resolution pixel game I cannot move the camera in decimals of a pixel. Possible Solutions: Change the resolution of my game from 640x360 to 1920x1080. Freeing up movement along actual pixels. Create some kind of black magic code that realizes the game is upscaled to x3 and make the camera move in decimals of the pixels that should theoretically exist (that the game doesn’t realize). (if upscale x3, x+1/3) (although I tried a rough version of this, but the jerking was still there just not as much) Change my game speed from 60 to 30, and make movement speed nonDiagonal 2 pixels per frame, and diagonal like 1.. (but I’d much prefer a 3/2 ratio). A combination of changing the resolution and game speed.   Goals: I would like to keep the resolution 640x360 to adapt to more screen sizes. But I think I’m going to have to make a sacrifice here. And I’m okay with that. I just want to make the best decision moving forward.   What Solution should I take? or Is there one I'm not thinking about?
  3. Im being haunted by my dreams!

    Thats fantastic, that's the book i bought and is infront of me! thanks a ton Dwarf king!
  4. Im being haunted by my dreams!

    Seriously thank you guys for the time youve taken to respond,    @samith, Ive written down the things to focus on learning that you said, and i have a date structures book so ill try my best to look into that.   the more I comprehend the complexity of this the more i realize that when i want to ask a question about something in particular it isnt as easy as i hope, and therefore the responses seem kind of discouraging but i will not give up! haha! So for now im going to try to stick to the basics.    I cant think of any programs to make that would help me develop my data structures and low level machine basics. Do you guys suggest any programs i try to build from scratch that would help me get a grasp on it?  If not a single program maybe a few programs that i could work on?    And again, Thank you guys. Im not going to be stuck doing (fill in the blank) as a job anymore, i can move forward!
  5. Im being haunted by my dreams!

    I want to start by offering no knowledge toward where beginner should or shouldn't start, this is strictly a selfish thread that some may find of use later on.   My names Stan, I am a technician that works on arcades/pinballs/jukeboxes junk like that. I have some experience programming in C++ from 2 classes i took in college.(i never finished my degree). I bought some books that i thought would put me in the right direction.But I cant seem to sit and want to start, because i feel so overwhelmed with the magnitude of what my ideas require of me. The books are as follows, "Swords & Circuitry" by N&J Hallford... "Focus on SDL" by pazera... AI techniques for game programming" by Buckland.... Data structures for game programmers by Penton.  Now once again I cant seem to have a good idea of where to plant my foot before i swing hard at my dreams! In my computer programming course i remember very simple code like integers and basic structure of how code can work, inputs outputs. However!!! my teacher couldnt tell me much about how to actually display visuals and control the visuals that you see, So i got frustrated left school (ITT tech) and joined the military, spent 4 years then got out.. So since highschool for the last 10 years i haven't been able to stop thinking about making my own game! I need to do this!! I would seriously appreciate someone with some experience telling me exactly what i should focus on to start that will be rewarding and strictly profitable for my future developments. (I suck at being in a classroom because most of the crap people teach is kind of interesting but not interesting enough to work countless hours for something i'm going to forget because its not practical!)   So, long story short. honestly im a hard worker im just feeling overwhelmed by the journey of my goal! and i would seriously appreciate the people who actually can help and that choose to help me. Please help a poor soul find his way! . . "So what type of game are you looking to make, exactly?"   If you can recall SNES, Chrono trigger, Zelda, Sword of mana, ! (id like my first game to be 2d) (the reason why i bought focus on SDL)   AND note: I am very interested in building my own game "engine", so that i can make things exactly as i wish to the fullness, freedom, and speed i desire!    I really appreciate anyones advice. Thank you for the support!
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