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  1. I want to start game programming, and I have decided to learn making them from scratch before I try moving on to tools like Unity and Construct 2. Currently the most advanced games I have programmed myself is Tic-Tac-Toe. I recently read this article:   http://www.gamedev.net/page/resources/_/technical/game-programming/how-do-i-make-games-a-path-to-game-development-r892   and I plan to use Java for now, as that is the language I am most familiar with, although I plan to repeat the above games in C++ and C# and then decide which language I like best. But for now my biggest question is should I use tutorials to learn how to build these games and then analyze the code and style to learn how to make more advanced games, or should I try to make these games myself, without any help, try to figure out everything, truly build them from scratch?
  2. Zoheb Satta

    Engine/Framework for web games?

      I would also recommend LibGDX, it uses Java and has cross-platform capability so you can port your code for Desktop, Android, iOS and Web. I just recently started using it myself
  3. Zoheb Satta

    C# vs C++

    Hey I'm just getting into game programming and I'm not sure whether to learn C# or C++. I've read a lot of articles on GameDev extolling both, so which one should I learn?
  4. Hi, I'm really interested in making video games and I've been reading a lot of beginner posts on this website and a lot of people ask what game engine they should use to make their games. A lot of people name engines, but a lot of people also say that you should make your own. My question is what really is a game engine and how do you make one? 
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