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  1. Outsourcing Graphics

    Tnx Hodgman!
  2. Tnx HscottH, I'll def think those options over carefully. 
  3. Hi guys,    Just another quick question in regards to outsourcing graphics.   Since we are using an online freelancer, do we need a signed consent form or contract from the artist as proof that we can use his graphics in our game? Or just paying him is enough proof.   Thanks in advance 
  4. Also in regards to graphics - since we have outsourced a freelancer for our graphics, do we need a signed permission contract/form from him as proof of ownership when we use these graphics in our game?
  5. Tnx jbadams, sorry about posting in the wrong section.   And thanks guys, we were thinking about using place holder graphics but like you said, that will just create more work & we might not do it smoothly either. Yeah def. putting in the contract, are there any more safe guards?   Will Bitbucket and other management tools help? or are they just there as pure communication and project management tools?
  6. Hi guys, so I am still in the development stage of my first iOS game    I will be outsourcing the coding to an online freelancer (not through Odesk, Elance, Freelancer or any 3rd party sites). I will be providing him with all the graphics, sounds and also the Game Design Documents.   My concern is that I feel like I have no real protection against him from finishing the game, then uploading it himself on the iOS store.   Besides a written contract (I don't know how effective that is internationally and for freelance work), are there any safety measures, methods or programs I could use to prevent him from stealing the game?    Any tips will be greatly appreciated!    
  7. Thank you for all your kind advice. Looks like I'll release a basic version first, see how it runs then decide from there.   and tnx Tom, I'll do my best to post it in the correct forum next time.
  8. Hi guys,   I'm in the process of developing my first iOS game    In terms of $$$ and Sales, is it worth making an iOS game available in languages other than English? Or do other countries generally purchase games that are available in English only anyway?        
  9. Thanks for all the advice so far guys    I'll run over these options with our graphics designer.
  10. Hello All, I am new to this forum and look forward to being part of the community   I hope as I get gain more XP & knowledge, I can then help out future noobs like myself now   I have a question in regards to Scaling an iOS game, from iPhone -> iPad (or vice versa) Q: What is the best method to have a 2D game scale well on both iPhone & iPad platforms? * Should I create a game on the iPad first, then scale to iPhone? * Or should i create an iPhone game then add borders etc to scale it to iPads. Tips/Advice esp from a programmers &/OR graphic designers perspective would be deeply appreciated