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  1. This is my project i am working on (with others too). It is development so no footage. All pictures are subject to change. Some pictures are inspired by other games/pictures. Project has been production from 2009.   It is a Science Fiction/Cyberpunk/RPG/Third-Person Shooter game.        
  2. Anyone working on a Sci-Fi based game?

    Yes. It is in EARLY development so i can't actually show but i will post a picture of how it will (subject to change) look.  
  3. Writer looking for FREE work!

      Sure. My favorite genre is Science-Fiction/Cyberpunk/Steampunk. I can try other genres.  Also i don't care if my "idea" will be used in game(s).
  4. Hey;   I'm a writer looking to be hired (for free). I WANT to build up my profolio. Anyone interested in "hiring" me?