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  1. Thanks @MJP for all the clarification. Regards
  2. Great thanks so much for the example. Appreciate all the help, it is working now. Just one more question. In the D3D_INCLUDE_SYSTEM case, how do you handle the file path if you have different sub-folders to search in? Do you need to work on a loop to find the right file in the whole sub-folders system? Thanks
  3. Thanks @turanszkij for your explanation. I will play with it and let you know how it goes. thanks
  4. I have been trying to see how the ID3DInclude, and how its methods Open and Close work. I would like to add a custom path for the D3DCompile function to search for some of my includes. I have not found any working example. Could someone point me on how to implement these functions? I would like D3DCompile to look at a custom C:\Folder path for some of the include files. Thanks
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